They arrest one for the disappearance of five young people from Lagos de Moreno

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The diligent acts of office and field investigation carried out by the staff of the Special Prosecutor's Office for Missing Persons (FEPD) of the State Prosecutor's Office (FE) in coordination with the Secretary of Security and Citizen Protection, allowed the capture of an identified subject as a probable participant in the disappearance of five young people in Lagos de Moreno.

This is Rogelio M., who is already in prison, at the disposal of the control and oral judge who required him.

"Since this social representation became aware of the criminal news, various ministerial acts were carried out with which it was possible to identify said individual as the probable responsible, for which the Public Ministry requested an arrest warrant for the crimes of disappearance committed. by individuals and crimes linked to the disappearance of people2, indicated the Jalisco Prosecutor's Office.

Through an operation implemented by FEPD agents, his capture was achieved and he was immediately placed before the control judge of the third judicial district based in Moreno Lakeswho in the coming days will determine their legal situation.

The arrest of the aforementioned person was carried out under established protocols where his constitutional rights were read, in addition to the fact that he is presumed innocent until a resolution is issued by the judicial authority.

This social representation reaffirms its commitment to society to carry out investigative work permanently and in accordance with established legal protocols, with the sole mission of combating crime and enforcing the rule of law.

The five young people from Lagos de Moreno disappeared on August 11

Dante, Diego, Jaime, Roberto and Uriel, between 19 and 22 years old, disappeared last August 11 after attending the annual fair of Moreno Lakes. The five friends were last seen at a viewpoint where they were going to hang out less than 5 kilometers from the fair.

The Jalisco authorities found the two cars in which the young people were traveling, but to date, nothing more is known about them.

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