They arrest a young man for showing off his Mustang with a 'bag'

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Next week is celebrated Halloween, but a young man from Monterrey, Nuevo León, spared no expense and left his mustang sports car ready for next October 31st.

The young man splashed fake blood all over the car and wrote the word “Dead,” which means dead in Spanish.

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In addition, on top of the sports car he placed an ornament made of a rolled white blanket that resembled a “pocketed” body.

The individual did not want to show off the car and drove with it through the streets of downtown Monterrey, where it caught the attention of citizens, but also of the police.

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Upon seeing this, the Municipal Transit officers stopped the young man on Benito Juárez Avenue and 5 de Mayo Street, which even more surprised the citizens who were walking in the area.

The arrest specifically had to do with the decoration of the alleged corpse, since the police wanted to make sure that it was a mannequin or something similar. Once the above was confirmed, the young man was released and was able to continue on his way.

The owner of the vehicle has a TikTok account where he has uploaded more videos corresponding to his bloody car. In fact, there is a scene where a fake arm is shown sticking out of the trunk of the Mustang.


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