They approve a new extension of the state of emergency in El Salvador | News


The Legislative Assembly of El Salvador approved a third extension of the state of emergency to combat violence in the country, at the request of the Government of President Nayib Bukele.


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Security Minister Gustavo Villatoro requested “before the Legislative Assembly that the emergency regime continue for 30 more days” and added that “with the capture of thousands of gang members, who for decades had subjected the Salvadoran people, it has been possible to reduce the rates of homicides, extortions, possession of weapons and drugs, that is, the heart of these terrorist structures”

“Although it is true that we are winning this war, there is still work to be done,” said the Minister of Security, in this regard.

The extension was approved with 67 votes in favor and extends the period of execution of “the war on the gangs”, an operation deployed by the Government to eradicate violence in the nation.

Although the opposition parties ARENA, FMLN and Vamos allege that the conditions for the limitations imposed do not exist, the majority of Congress belongs to parties that support the president’s decisions, which explains the results of the vote.

The Salvadoran military chief stated that this measure has reduced homicides, extortions, possession of weapons and drugs in the country, but that there are still many gang members on the street, so the exceptional state must continue.

“We are not going to rest until the last gang member in our national territory has been captured,” he stressed.

The state of emergency restricts the freedom of association and the right of a citizen to receive information about the reasons for the arrest and the request of a lawyer in order to capture an estimated 70,000 gang members who operate in the neighborhoods of the country.

At the time of this statement, President Nayib Bukele reported on the construction of the “Terrorism Confinement Center” away from the metropolis with “several levels of walls and 37 watchtowers, which will make escape impossible.”

Several human rights organizations have asked the Salvadoran government to end the state of emergency due to arbitrary arrests, disappearances and provoked internal displacement.

However, according to the Security Minister, the majority of the population agrees with the measures.

Although the measure counteracts a wave of violence unleashed on March 26 when 62 homicides were recorded, citizens point out that those wrongly captured must be released promptly.

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