They announce the creation of the first Audiovisual Cluster made up of Mexico City, the State of Mexico and Tlaxcala

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The Secretariat of Economic Development (SEDECO) informs that, with the objective of promoting the film and audiovisual industry in the center of the country, its production chain, and promote production studios, talent agencies and services, the creation of the Audiovisual Cluster of the Valley of Mexico (CAVAM), where the Governments of Mexico CityState of Mexico and Tlaxcalaas well as the National Chamber of the Cinematographic Industry (CANACINE) and Motion Picture Association (MPA).

On behalf of the head of SEDECO, Fadlala Akabani Hneidethe advisor for Investment Attraction, Jair Cabrera Padillapointed out that one of the objectives of the nascent Cluster will be to consolidate the Mexican audiovisual industry as a leader in the Spanish-speaking world, since efforts will be coordinated between participating governments and companies to facilitate the project production on a large scale between the three entities.

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"We have to take advantage of the decree of the Government of Mexico to promote nearshoring in which the audiovisual industry is recognized as strategic, with figures from the Film Commission of Mexico City, this sector generates 11 percent of the Gross Domestic Product of the Capital, employs 800 thousand people and attracts the Valley of Mexico about 927 million dollars per year, 1,100 productions were made in the City alone in 2022,” he indicated.

The announcement of the creation of CAVAM was made within the framework of the annual awards of the Association of Independent Commercial Producers of the United Stateswhere the Undersecretary of the Government of Mexico City also attended, Inti Muñoz Santini; the Filming Commissioner of Mexico City, Guillermo Saldana; the Secretary of Culture of Tlaxcala, Antonio Martínez Velázquez; the Secretary of Economic Development of the State of Mexico, Laura Gonzalez; the president of CANACINE, Avelino Rodríguezand the director of MPA Mexico, Carlos Monroy.

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Notably The first working group will be convened soon to establish the scope of the CAVAM and, once these objectives have been clarified, the chambers that make up the industry in the respective entities will provide this with a organizational structureincluding president and board of directors, as well as official funding sources.


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