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The request for impeachment against the four judges of the Supreme Court for "bad performance" promoted by the Frente de Todos will begin to be discussed this Thursday in the Annex of the Chamber of Deputies while it is expected that in this first contact only formal issues will be established .


President Fernández accelerates political trial against the Supreme Court

After several extraordinary sessions between the pro-government caucus and Together for Change, the ruling coalition managed to get around the blockade of the opponents through an initiative in the Natural Resources commission.

The accusing commission will seek, as expressed by the Argentine head of state, Alberto Fernández, to renew the leadership of the judicial system, the same one in charge of carrying out the persecutions against the pro-government supporters.

In the case, the treatment of 14 files will be included, after two were added this Tuesday by the lawyers Pablo Llonto and Diego Sánchez that involve the head of the Supreme Court, Horacio Rosatti.

Instead, the counterpart will seek to request the annulment of the trial, as well as concentrate efforts on completing the process as soon as possible, which is expected to last 90 days or even until the electoral lists close.

According to national media, in this first session the different causes will not be exposed, but they will be presented at the meeting that will take place on February 2.

Subsequently, on February 9, the admissibility of the impeachment will be finally determined, meanwhile, once the summary stage begins, there will be four opinions, one for each magistrate, addressed separately.

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