They agree on 15 axes to deter migrants

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After the strike announced by the Ferromex company of the train known as The beastused by migrants as a means of transportation to cross north, the National Migration Institute (INM) agreed to 15 coordinated actions with the three levels of government to prevent foreigners from risking their lives when trying to reach the United States.

In a meeting held in Ciudad Juárez, Chihuahua, the national commissioner of the INM, Francisco Garduño, agreed with Ferromex, the state governor, Maru Campos, and authorities from the United States Customs and Border Protection (CBP) to locate the points strategic for the rescue and deterrence of migrants traveling on the train.

Campos said that they have given “humanitarian treatment to people in mobility conditions who arrive in the state.”

The other agreed actions include replicating the strategy developed in Nuevo León, which has been successful, in which operations are coordinated with the Army, National Guard and state police, as well as having the means of air and land transportation for the return. of migrants to their places of origin.

In addition, communication will be maintained with the government of Chihuahua and CBP will hand over migrants who have been expelled from the United States through the Ciudad Juárez International Bridge.

Negotiations will be made with the governments of Venezuela, Brazil, Nicaragua, Colombia and Cuba, so that they receive their compatriots.

They will open open-door shelters in Ciudad Juárez to serve migrants, especially girls, boys and adolescents; locate and rent a property to supply the Ciudad Juárez Immigration Station; install control and verification points on the Ferromex route.

Depressurize the northern border (Ciudad Juárez, Piedras Negras, Tijuana and Tamaulipas), through the return of migrants; and deliver a daily report to the El Paso sector, through the INM Office in Coahuila, in order to warn that the train is going alone, among other actions.

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