They accuse Acosta of not addressing complaints; activists warn of more cases of animal cruelty

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Animal defenders pointed out that, in the Nativitas Forest, in Xochimilco, Santeria acts are carried out.

In recent days, they indicated, decapitated poultry have been found inside black bags. This is in addition to the appearance of 18 dogs skinned and abandoned at that site.

Neighbors and activists assured that the cases have already been reported to Mayor José Carlos Acosta; However, the Moreno mayor “prefers to look the other way.”

“We have seen dogs, dead animals in the forest and, if you think about it, it is like Santeria. The mayor has done nothing. He sees and remains silent,” said activist Paola Marín.

“It's their custom. (Acosta) never receives people, he doesn't listen; “He is comfortable in his house,” added Mónica García, a member of the group that denounces the problem.

Last October 26, this newspaper published that in four months, 18 dogs were found dead in the Nativitas Forest, for which neighbors demanded security from the mayor.

Due to the publication, García said, the mayor promised that the entrances to the forest would have greater surveillance, which, they stated, has not happened.

He also called the complainants to a meeting on November 3; however, he did not attend.

“(Acosta) is aware of all this part of the dogs that have been killed, he knows the need for public lighting; He said that there was practically 24-hour security.

“Coincidentally, we have walked here at different times and we have not seen any patrols,” García said.


Nitzia Rosas, another of the activists, added that in the mayor's office there is also a lack of water and public lighting, drains in poor condition, potholes and an accumulation of garbage.

“The mayor knows perfectly well about the problems; robberies from runners and tourists, neglect of infrastructure, accumulated garbage (…) and the mayor's response has been opaque,” ​​Rosas mentioned.

According to the Inegi National Urban Public Security Survey, in the third quarter of this year, Mayor Acosta achieved a rating of 17.6 points out of 100 in effectiveness to govern, which places him in the mayor's position in the city, with the rating lowest citizen.

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