They accuse a Latin woman of operating 4 massage centers in Miami where prostitution was practiced

Maricela Ramírez remains in a Miami-Dade county jail awaiting a hearing with the judge.

Photo: Broward County Sheriff's Office/Courtesy

Police in Broward County, north of Miami, have opened an investigation against a woman accused of operating 4 massage centers where prostitution was actually practiced.

Authorities arrested Maricela Ramírez, a 47-year-old Latina, after police discovered the type of illegal activities taking place there. According to the police report, Ramírez's employees would have offered sex in exchange for money in those 4 massage parlors.

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The centers in which, supposedly, they would have operated as brothels are: G-Spa in Pembroke Park, Luna Azul Spa in Hollywood, Tan Spa in Hollywood and Innovative Spa in Pompano Beach.

The woman will now have to face various chargesincluding obtaining support from the proceeds of prostitution, money laundering, and the use of a device to facilitate felony.

The authorities explained that they are still investigating to see if any of the employees would have been forced to engage in sex work, which could lead to charges of sex and human trafficking.

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“What we are looking for are signs that someone had been forced and coerced. We depend on the victim to tell us what is happening because her testimony It is essential in these cases. At this time we cannot determine if there is human trafficking here,” they said from the police.

It all started with an investigation in 2019 at the Luna Azul Spa center by indications that prostitution was being practiced in that place. After pulling the thread, they discovered that these types of activities were also being carried out in other centers.

Arrest warrants were issued Thursday in Ramírez's house and in the four businesses. The woman remains in a Miami-Dade County jail awaiting trial.

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