These would be the new mayors of the main cities, one month before the elections: Colombia is turning to the right, assured the manager of Invamer

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Carlos Fernando Galán, Federico Gutiérrez, Roberto Ortiz and Alejandro Char lead the voting intention in the main cities of Colombia - credit Colprensa

The recent survey of Invamer details the news that the main cities of the country would have, in what corresponds to the mayors. One month before the 2023 regional elections, the firm revealed the figures corresponding to voting intention in Bucaramanga, Cali, Bogotá, Medellín and Barranquilla.

This would be one of the last surveys for the elections at the end of October. It is striking that some changes have been reflected, mainly in cities such as Cali and Bucaramanga, although slight variations have also been evident in the capital of the Republic. in what corresponds to the intention of the citizens.

Infobae talked with Martin Orozco, general manager of Invamer; who explained in detail the notions of voting intention that exist in the country, where an important force is evident from the right and the center, while the left has lost ground in the electoral scenario, clearly, taking into account the profile of each of the candidates.

This survey was conducted by Invamer for Noticias Caracol, El Espectador and Blu Radio.


  1. Carlos Fernando Galán - 32.9%
  2. Gustavo Bolívar - 22.6%
  3. Juan Daniel Oviedo - 20.5%
  4. Jorge Enrique Robledo - 6.5%
  5. Blank vote - 5.3%


  1. Federico Gutiérrez - 4.5%
  2. Juan Carlos Upegui - 14.8%
  3. Albert Corredor - 4.8%
  4. Blank vote - 5.2%
  5. María Paulina Aguinaga - 3.1%

Santiago from cali

  1. Roberto Ortiz - 33.6%
  2. Alejandro Eder - 23.1%
  3. Diana Carolina Rojas - 13.1%
  4. Danis Renteria - 7.1%
  5. Miyerlandi Torres - 6.8%


  1. Alejandro Char - 84.5%
  2. Antonio Bohórquez - 6.2%
  3. Luis Enrique Guzmán - 3.1%
  4. Hassan Fares - 2.5%
  5. Blank vote - 2.2%


  1. Jaime Andrés Beltrán - 30.6%
  2. Horacio José Serpa - 15.9%
  3. Fabián Oviedo - 8.5%
  4. Carlos Felipe Parra - 7.9%
  5. Carlos Sotomonte - 6.8%
  6. Jaime Calderon - 6.7%
  7. Blank vote - 6.1%

Martín Orozco explained how the electoral panorama is in the main cities and also the perception of the country left by the most recent survey. According to the manager of Invamer, some cities have practically everything divided, while in others competition remains, likewise, he stated that the right has once again gained strength.

Infobae: Which are the cities with the clearest outlook?

Martin Orozco: “Barranquilla and Medellín seem to be very defined, that is very solid. Barranquilla wants continuity, which has been going on for many years; This would be Alejandro Char's third election and the two that have been in the middle of his have been from the same line as him. In Barranquilla, what is analyzed is that people actually value the changes that the city has had and want to keep it that way.”

Infobae: How is the Medellín phenomenon explained?

Martin Orozco: "In Medellín, people want to go back, because clearly with the approval of Daniel Quintero, which is already at 27.5%, the citizen almost says "we were wrong" and they want to go back to the past."

Infobae: Could there be a second round in Bogotá?

Martin Orozco: "In Bogotá everything remains to be seen between Galán, Bolívar and Oviedo, clarifying that there will be a second round in Bogotá, if the first candidate does not win with 40% and is 10 points ahead of the second, thus, there would be a second round, which is the scenario from today. In that second round, Bolívar would lose to both Galán and Oviedo, he is very tangled.”

Infobae: Was the issue even in Cali?

Martin Orozco: “In the case of Cali, the fight got good, because clearly we were already on the field when Diana Rojas declined. When one sees an increase in Eder of this magnitude and a decrease in Roberto Ortiz of 10 points, one says that Alejandro Eder has a chance to fight for mayor with Roberto Ortiz.”

Infobae: At the moment, what is known about Bucaramanga?

Martin Orozco: “In Bucaramanga something happens and that is that the candidates in general are all very unknown, but for example, Jaime Andes Beltrán who comes first has more than 30%. Everything could move within a month because there are many undecided people, people do not know the candidates very well, there are a very important number of candidates who are like 16, that is the city with the most uncertainty today.”

Infobae: Broadly speaking, what is the general outlook for the country?

Martin Orozco: “It is more divided in Cali and Bogotá, it shows that there is more competition, but the conclusion of the five cities is that the profile of the voter is more center-right, even more right-wing. When one asks about political affinity, what marks the most is the right, then the center and the lowest on the left, and that is what the results of voting intention reflect, according to the profile of each candidate.”

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