“These Mexican monkeys cannot admit that they have no talent”, the outrageous comment that Ricardo Pepi endorsed

Ricardo Pepi is one of the most promising footballers in all of Concacaf. The Mexican American Attacker he preferred to play with the United States before Mexico and in a very short time it has shown its full potential. However, through social networks it was possible to notice a reprehensible attitude of the former Dallas FC attacker. Pepi would have endorsed a comment with racist connotations towards Mexicans.

Acts. These Mexican Monkeys Can't Admit They're Talentless“This would have been the tweet to which Ricardo Pepi left his “like”. The phrase was published by the user Bryan D.

This user restricted access to his personal account and Ricardo Pepi's interaction traces. However, some users noticed right on the spur of the moment and immediately started recording videos and taking screenshots so that this attitude will not be lost sight of, nor will it be overlooked.

In social networks they unleashed all their anger against Ricardo Pepi

The young attacker of the Augsburg of Germany is being heavily criticized through social networks. Some Mexican fans who noticed this fact, began to respond to Ricardo Pepi, but from the humoralthough there are those who felt really offended by this comment.

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