These are the groups of the World Cup in Qatar

These are the groups of the World Cup in Qatar: countries, crosses and dates

(CNN Spanish) — On November 20, with the confrontation between Qatar and Ecuador, the 2022 World Cup begins. Here, a review of the groups and the dates and times of the matches to choose the next world champion.

Ecuador, the United States, Argentina, Mexico, Spain, Costa Rica, Canada, Brazil and Uruguay will be the teams of the American and Spanish-speaking world in the World Cup.

In the Group A, Ecuador has an accessible initial phase on paper. The Netherlands, which is the country with the most soccer weight, is the most serious rival, and comes with the task of vindicating itself after failing to qualify for the 2018 World Cup.

United States, in the B Groupis measured against an England (fifth in the FIFA ranking before the World Cup) with a very outstanding squad and a revitalized Wales after the playoffs and motivated by Gareth Bale.

Argentina, favorite and with a memorable undefeated record (and third in the world ranking), will face Mexico (13) from Tata Martino and Saudi Arabia and Poland in the Group C.

The world champion, France, who arrives with poor recent results (they lost to Croatia and Denmark in the UEFA Nations League) and with significant casualties like that of their superstar Karim Benzema, will be in charge of the Group D that seems simple: Australia, Denmark (arrives plugged in the Nations League) and Tunisia.

Spain and Costa Rica will face each other in the Group E against Germany, which is always favourite, and Japan, one of the strongest Asians. It is perhaps the group of death.

Canada will compete in the Group F against two teams that have dominated world football in recent years: Belgium (which was first in the FIFA rankings from 2018 to 2022 and is now second) and Croatia, runners-up in 2018. This could be another of the most competitive groups . Canada returns to a World Cup after its only classification in Mexico 1986 and has a great leader, Alphonso Davies.

In the Group GBrazil (first in the FIFA ranking) has a panorama without historical rivals but always challenging: its rivals are Serbia, Switzerland and Cameroon.

Uruguay (14th in the ranking), in the Group H is measured against Portugal (ninth in the world ranking), commanded by Cristiano Ronaldo who wants to end his career on a high in a season in which he has played little for Manchester United, in addition to Ghana and South Korea.

Group stage: date and time of the matches

In the table below you can see the matches of the group stage, which will take place between November 20 and December 2. In total, 48 games will be played in that phase.