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The long-awaited return of "Who is the Mask" is just around the corner, and with it, Mysterious characters arrive who will compete to reveal their identities, as well as a new judge who joins the panel of celebrities in charge of discovering who is hiding behind the colorful bottargas. The new season of this successful reality show, scheduled to premiere soon, has generated great expectation among fans.

This program, which has become a television phenomenon, takes viewers on an exciting journey where celebrities They hide their identity behind extravagant disguises and face each other in a singing, dancing and acting competition. The judges and detectives of the program try to guess who is behind these masks.

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One of the most notable ads of this season is the incorporation of Marta Higareda as the new judge and detective of the program. Higareda, known for her extensive career in the world of entertainment, has participated in films, series and theater, and is best known for her stories with Yordi Rosado. Her experience and insight promise to bring a new dimension to the competition.

But, beyond the judges, the true emotion of "Who is the Mask" lies in the characters behind the bottargas. This year, the show has introduced new competitors, each with their own personality and mystery. Below, we present some of the participants who promise to surprise the public.

The characters of Who is the mask

Wasp: Cheerful, optimistic and dreamer, Wasp fights against stereotypes and defends those who need it most. Her personality promises to bring a touch of joy and empowerment to the competition.

Bearing: Proud to be a Mexican toy, Balero is the son of a Mariachi GuitarrĂłn and a Veracruzana Marimba. Despite his traditional origin, he likes technology and works at the Video Game Factory. His story will surely add a unique twist to the competition.

Baby Alien: This galactic adventurer enjoys traveling through dimensional portals to unknown worlds. Despite his difficulty communicating with people, his automatic translator helps him order his favorite food from planet Earth. Who is hiding behind Baby Alien?

Bottle: Sweet, tender, in love and affectionate, Bombona gets angry at injustices. Her focus on love and justice is sure to create touching moments in the competition.

Bumper Cars: This group, which used to be the sensation of each fair, has decided to join together again to return to the stage. Despite the passing of the years, his determination and desires promise to surprise the public.

Teeth: Passionate about electronic music, Dientes has attended several festivals and is known for his good sense of humor. His ability to tell whether a set of teeth is natural or veneers makes him an intriguing character.

Sunflower: Coming from a large family, Girasol knows the value of hard work and the importance of pursuing your dreams. Her love of life and fun promise to add vitality to the competition.

Fairy: With her desire to follow your dreams and her lesson about fighting for what you want in life, Hada will convey an inspiring message. It is rumored that he lives in a haunted mansion.

Sorceress: Heir to a dynasty of witches and sorcerers, Hechicera made her first magic potion when she was a baby. She is also said to live in a haunted mansion, which adds a touch of mystery to her character.

Bones: A young, handsome and enthusiastic skeleton, Huesos is passionate about tattoos and has tattooed several celebrities. His tattoo studio is exclusive, only accessible by recommendation from clients or friends.

Jaguar: Lonely and dangerous, but loved and respected by his friends, Jaguar is passionate about football and online betting. He rarely travels to Mexico City, which makes it even more intriguing.

José Ramonstruo: Passionate about music, José Ramonstruo started in a band and then opted for a solo career, where he has been very successful. With his Brazilian background and his ability to speak with different accents, his personality is sure to bring a unique touch to the competition.

Llama: From an early age, Llama showed a passion for drama and stories. She grew up surrounded by laughter and traditional melodies, which makes her a character full of energy and enthusiasm.

Milagrito: With a desire to have his own identity and mark distance from his heritage and ancestry, Milagrito is very hardworking and enjoys giving free rein to his creativity through the creation of crafts, which he sells in the bazaar of a small Mexican town.

Namaste: This being of light transmits peace, although sometimes he can easily lose his cool. She left her yoga studio to fulfill her dream of singing on stage in "Who is the Mask."

Pastelito: Attractive, spiritual and disciplined, Pastelito has achieved everything she wants thanks to her passion and focus. Her love of the color black, her collection of skulls, and her study of karate add a layer of mystery to her character.

Pixelboy: Despite being a video game, Pixelboy is allergic to them. He is friendly, competitive, innocent and very superstitious. His passion for music drives him to conquer the stage of "Who Is The Mask?"

Puercoespunk: Rebel, rocker, spicy, loyal and noble, Puercoespunk enjoys defending good causes. His discipline, effort and perseverance have taken him far.

Sardines: These sardines love to brag about being the most famous and aspiring influencers. His tendency to exaggerate his achievements and his constant company promise to add a touch of comedy to the competition.

With a wide variety of characters, from beings of light to rock rebels, season 4 of "Who is the Mask" promises to surprise and captivate its audience. Each botarga has its own story, personality and hidden talents that they hope to reveal to the public and the judges.

The inclusion of Marta Higareda as a new judge and detective adds an additional element of intrigue, as her experience and insightful approach could be the key to uncovering the characters' hidden identities. Fans are eagerly waiting to see how the competition plays out and what surprising revelations this season has in store for us.

"Who's the Mask" has become one of the most beloved and exciting shows on television, and the seventh season promises to take entertainment to a new level with its unique characters and a cast of celebrities ready to discover the truth behind the masks. The diversity of participants and the arrival of Marta Higareda as judge ensure a season full of surprises and exciting moments.

Who is hiding behind these junks? What stories and hidden talents will they reveal on stage? Fans of "Who's the Mask" should eagerly await the premiere of season 4 to discover the secrets that this exciting competition has in store for them. With new characters and a new judge in the equation, this season promises to keep the audience in suspense until the last moment.


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