There's a new Mojave Desert watch on the horizon

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In 2019, IWC Schaffhausen enthusiasts and collectors were conquered by the arrival of Mojave Desert, the first watch in which the Swiss firm used colored ceramic in the TOP GUN collection, without a doubt an immediate success, not only because of the tone used that It was reminiscent of the Californian area, but for the use of ceramics to which in 2022 new colors were added that represented the world of naval aviation and developed in collaboration with Pantone. Now in 2023, the company that created the famous Da Vinci perpetual calendar brings us the new 41 Top Gun Mojave Desert chronograph pilot's watch.

The main novelty of this new timepiece is that it is the third piece created by IWC Schaffhausen in a 41 mm case, within the Top Gun collection, which maintains its traditional color with a mix between khaki and beige that recalls the suits worn by the naval pilots and the landscapes near the famous naval pilot school known as TOPGUN. It should be mentioned that in addition to ceramic, of which IWC Schaffhausen is a pioneer and used in its 41 mm case, the new 41 Top Gun Mojave Desert Chronograph Pilot's Watch is accompanied by titanium for both the crown, the pushers and the watch case back.

Special mention goes to its caliber 69380, which powers its automatic chronograph movement with the traditional column wheel that gives it precision as well as simple operation. This caliber entirely developed by the manufacture that also created the Portugieser, offers a power reserve of 46 hours, in addition the caliber has been developed to avoid the harmful effects of magnetism, thanks to a soft iron internal case. As if that were not enough, the sapphire crystal has been specially secured to prevent detachment due to air pressure. Without a doubt, a magnificent piece that conquers from the first sight, it is clearly the aviator's watch par excellence.

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