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  • The discussion is whether David Faitelson can, from Televisa, overshadow TV Azteca.

#FirstNETA. Under equal conditions, as measurements should be made, that is, on open television and with the same product to be narrated, no one has been able to stop the rating of the “fantasy trio 2.0”: Martinoli, Garcia and Fields, from Television Azteca. The Mexican soccer team is so bad and so boring that the viewer's decision when choosing which channel to watch it on, goes rather through the stitches and jokes that will most likely make them smile, and those are in Azteca. Some others, much more purists, prefer to pull with the Lavolpe on Televisa, but they are the least. The masses prefer to see if The Brody Fields breaks the record for comments per game, a great nonsense; great because it works and sells, and silly for obvious reasons. TO Fields I would compare it with Pelaez in “Las Estrellas”, and the Acapulcan knocks out; Martinoli goes against Cowand the years, the spark and the style of Christianthey flatten their backs Andrew Cowcreation of Javier Alarcon, whom I don't have the pleasure of knowing personally, seems like a great guy. His Instagram posts make me feel like a good man, sensitive and familiar, but with the microphone in his hand I don't find his style seductive. A tasty smile Doctor Garcia covered with Martinolieclipse the elaborate diction of a textbook Argentine: Ricardo Lavolpe. Questioning the knowledge of the “moustache” would be a very bold mistake, but listening to him talk about systems that never gave him results undermines credibility. “The Fantasy Trio 2.0” has enormous similarities with the authentic Fantasy Trio: three men inside the ring, who were always knowledgeable in the technique, fun as a whole, and very varied in their style: Super Pinocchio, Super Mouse and Super Doll. An endearing, fun, capable and salesy trio... just like Azteca's.

#SegundaNETA. The discussion today at many tables, which already indicates a great sign, is whether David Faitelson Televisa will be able to overshadow TV Azteca. It is a matter of many millions of pesos, for what is coming, for the next World Cup. Sponsorships, mentions, and a more than important issue that cannot be left aside for any reason: the price of shares in Chapultepec 18, which, by the way, are going down.

#NETASextras. The profession gives vision, and Faitelson He is a giant of sports journalism; He does practice the profession. In the field of social networks, David is the undisputed winner.

There is a shot, gentlemen, there is a shot, sir, ahead.

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