There are reinforcements in Guadalajara: Chivas presented its first two incorporations for the 2023 Opening of Liga MX

Chivas players, during the second leg of the Liga MX final.

Photo: Juan Carlos Núñez Cubeyro / Imago7

The Chivas de Guadalajara announced their first reinforcements for the 2023 Opening Tournament of the MX League. which were the striker Ricardo Mari and Oscar Whalleypromising goalkeeper who will seek to earn a position.

Ricardo Marín joins Veljko Paunovic's squad after participating in the MX Expansion League. In the Clausura 2023 of said competition, Marín ended up as scoring champion with Celaya by registering 10 goals in 1,401 minutes.

"The truth that very happy, I was very anxious for this day to arrive and happy, there is no other word to describe what I feel, excited, excited with what this tournament can be”, commented the striker after the official announcement.

Ricardo Marín, born in Mexico City, has defended the colors of America, Necaxa, Celaya, Mazatlán and now Chivas, many important shirts within the Liga MX that make him stand out and thus reach the Guadalajara team.

The second booster, Óscar Whalley will have the task of defending the rojiblanco goal for the Apertura 2023and arrives at the institution with triple nationality: Mexican, British and Spanish, 29 years old and 1.88 meters tall.

"Very happy and excited, it has been a long wait because we did have everything prepared, but until today it has been possible to make it official," said eThe goal that has played mostly in Spain, although he also has a career in soccer in Greece and Denmark.

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