"There are no excuses," said Ambriz.

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Sporting Toluca it's found finalizing details to face the tenth date of Apertura 2023in which you will receive Chivasa squad that is not experiencing its best moment in the tournament, which they will have to take advantage of to return to the path of victory, and with it get to the top of the rankingssince at the moment they occupy the eighth position with 13 units.

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After training, Ignacio Ambriz spoke at a conference of the press regarding football actions that their Red Devils have had in the last two weeks, in which they have added a defeat against Tijuana and a tie in front of America.

All the boys know how we play and what we aim for; Except for two games that I didn't like, which were against Pumas and our house as well as outside it.

Soccer is pleasant, because there is a revenge against a great team like Chivas de Guadalajara, very dynamic and well directed by Paunovic, and that motivates you; We need to get three points on Sunday here at home.”

By being questioned about how to face the Flockstated that there is no no reason to trustbeyond the fact that his rival has accumulated five games without winning:

I never believe in bad streaks; They are normal and they are potholes that all teams fall into. I don't trust that, I expect the best Chivas and the best performance from them; "Football gives revenge and on Sunday they have it before us, we also need to score points at home."

Finally, Ambriz reported that they will still not have a full squadgiven that Juan Pablo Dominguez he has not yet fully recovered from his injury and Thomas Belmonte this suspended for his expulsion before America:

Except for Pablito, who will be with us next week, and Toto's punishment, there will be some changes within the team's unemployed. It would be like making an excuse as to whether all these circumstances have diminished us so as not to score points.”


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