"There are no campaigns or pre-campaigns, we are in the task of strengthening our movement": Adán Augusto

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Mexico.- Adán Augusto López Hernández, candidate for the National Coordination for the Defense of the Fourth Transformation, clarified that the informative assemblies that he carries out in the different regions of the country are part of Morena's statutory obligations, and are intended to reinforce the principles of the movement headed by President Andrés Manuel López Obrador.

At the beginning of his tour of Sinaloa and Sonora, the former Secretary of the Interior ruled out that the Morena delegates for the Defense of the "4T" carry out the electoral pre-campaign, as he explained that it is an internal job to publicize the movement, so who assured that they do not transgress any legal provision with their tours in the country.

“There isn't any kind of beauty pageant or public speaking skills. (...) The electoral process begins in September; then there will be time to talk about electoral things and political projects, for now we just have to talk with the citizens about the Fourth Transformation, about its meaning and about the pending issues, ”he specified.

On his eighth day of traveling around the country, the politician from Tabasco said he was proud that his party has considered him to be a delegate for the Defense of the "4T", whose essence, he said, are the Social Programs that "were born from the head and heart" of President López Obrador, and being a movement of a popular nature, "will continue for many more years in Mexico."

In this sense, he assured that the opposition and the owners of the money are going to be left with the desire that all the programs conclude together with the current government, since he affirmed that it has the support of more than 62% of Mexicans, for what is the obligation of the party and its national delegates, to go to every corner of the territory to reinforce the principles of the movement.

In addition, López Hernández rejected that his party "is afraid" and that is why they are in the pre-campaign process: "There are no campaigns or pre-campaigns. In the Fourth Transformation we all fit; there should be no differences between siblings. We are all the same. We are going together, in unity and with loyalty, to consolidate our movement,” he said.

On the other hand, he reiterated that during this stage he will not spend even half of the 5 million in financing that Morena authorized for the work of the national delegates, which he rejected from the beginning, and despite having the obligation, he assured that he will present a punctual report of your expenses so as not to use “one peso” of the public resources offered.

At a press conference in Mazatlán, Sinaloa, the man from Tabasco recalled that he learned politics alongside AMLO, whom he recognized as his teacher, and stressed that, as he did at the time, he also knows how to do politics "with the three S's." : sweat from his forehead, soles of his shoes, and saliva, which will later become facts.

Lastly, he condemned the stigmatization of the state as a synonym for violence, since it affects the economic and social life of the state: "although there are still acts of violence, Sinaloa has been recovering and in the last year and a half it has decreased by 32 percent. phenomenon," he concluded.


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