There are more than 16 thousand dead in the Gaza Strip

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More than 16 thousand people have died in the Gaza Strip in the 43 days of war between Israel and the Islamist group Hamasaccording to him Gaza Ministry of Health It had been several days without updating the figures due to incessant Israeli attacks and the collapse of the main hospitals.

The previous number of victims was offered last Thursday by the Ministrywhich then reported the death of more than 11,500 people in the Strip, where more than 29,800 people have been injured, 70 percent of them women, children and the elderly, according to the same source.

A spokesperson for Ministry of Health in Gaza He assured that “the real number is much higher” and stressed that these figures are “estimates.”

In this sense, he insisted that at least 3 thousand 500 people They still remain under the rubble of the buildings and that the attacks do not stop.

Of the 24 hospitals with capacity for patients hospitalized In the northern Strip, only one, Al Ahli in Gaza City, is currently operating at minimum levels and admitting patients.

The rest have been collapsing one by one, after running out of electricityfuel, internet, drinking water, food and medicine.

These figures are known shortly after the Ministry denounced that the Army Israeli to give one hour to the doctors, patients and displaced people who remain in the Palestinian hospital in Al Shifa, located in northern Gaza, to abandon it. A time that has already passed.

The head of the Orthopedics DepartmentAdnan al Bursh, quoted by the Ministry, assured that the order has created a “serious state of panic and fear” inside the hospital and stressed that the doctors will not leave the hospital without the patients.

On the other hand, the general director of Gaza HealthMunir al Bursh denounced that Israeli troops have taken bodies from the hospital morgue, as well as from the cemetery excavated within the perimeter of the medical facilities.

The Israeli Army maintains that Al Shifa hides “a center of commandweapons and technological assets” of Hamas and, therefore, is a military objective.

In the past few days, it has besieged and has made several limited incursions into its facilities in which it claims to have discovered weapons and a tunnel used by the Islamist group Hamas.

Israel declared war on Hamas on October 7 after a massive attack by the Islamist group that included the launching of thousands of rockets and the infiltration into Israeli territory of some 3,000 militiamen who massacred some 1,200 people and kidnapped another 240.

Since then, Israel's air, naval and ground forces have relentlessly attacked the Gaza Stripwhich in addition to the deaths and injuries has caused the displacement of 1.7 million Gazans, more than two thirds of the total population.

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The charge There are more than 16 thousand dead in the Gaza Strip appeared first in El Arsenal.

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