There are already 35 medications that cannot be found in Colombia, many more could run out

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The National Institute for Food and Drug Surveillance (Invima) confirmed that 35 medications in Colombia are out of stock - credit Jesús Aviles / Infobae Colombia.

The National Institute for Food and Drug Surveillance (Invima) provided a new list in which it recorded alerts of medicines out of stock in the country. According to the data, in September the study was applied to 245 medicines and it was found that 35 of them are not available.

Since the beginning of 2023, alerts have been issued about this panorama, even in the middle of the year the Colombian Association of Comprehensive Medicine Companies (Acemi) revealed a study in which it indicated that 1,200 active ingredients were out of stock in Colombia.

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Month after month, the number of medications that are being monitored for possible shortages has increased. While in the July report there were 235, for the month of September it increased to 245.

  1. Abacavir oral solution 20 mg/ml.
  2. Megestrol acetate tablet 40mg and 160mg.
  3. Acyclovir eye ointment 3g.
  4. Carboplatin lyophilized powder to reconstitute into injectable solution 150 mg/vial (15 ml).
  5. Clomiphene Citrate Tablet 50mg.
  6. Cladribine solution for injection 2mg.
  7. Chloroquine tablets 100mg and 150mg.
  8. Potassium chloride solution for injection 0.1 meq/ml 0.2 0 meq/ml 0.3 meq/ml 0.4 meq/ml 2 meq/ml 10% (1,341 meq/ml).
  9. Desmopressin Nasal Spay 0.1mg/ml10mcg/inhalation 0.1mg/ml equivalent to 80mcg/ml Sublingual solution 0.4mg disposable tablet 120mcg.
  10. Dorzolamide ophthalmic solution 20mg - TQ DORZOLAM.
  11. Norethisterone Enanthate 50mg + Estradiol valerate 5mg injectable solution.
  12. Epirubicin lyophilized powder to reconstitute into solution for injection 50 mg/vial (25 ml).
  13. Conjugated Estrogens Vaginal Cream 0.625mg/g.
  14. Estradiol topical gel 0.06g/100g.
  15. Hydralazine injection solution 20mg/1ml tablet 25mg and 50mg.
  16. Specific immunoglobulins that neutralize the venom of the species Micrurus dumerilii, micrurus mipartitus, micrurus isozonus and micrurus surinamensis. Injectable solution 2mg/10ml.
  17. Recombinant Human Interferon Gamma-1-B injection solution (Equivalent to 2000000 IU).
  18. RL Asparaginase – Spectrila 10000U/1U.
  19. Lamivudine+Nevirapine+Zi dovudine tablets 150mg/250mg/300mg.
  20. Lamivudine+ zidovudine+Abacavir tablets 150mg/300mg/300mg.
  21. Lidocaine+Epinephrine 1% Lidocaine+epinephrine 2% injectable solution 200mg + 50µg / Ampoule (10mL) 20mg + 5µg / mL 20mg + 0.0125mg / mL 20mg + 0.02 mg / mL 20mg + 0.01 mg/ mL 50µg / Ampoule (10mL) 10mg + 5µg/mL.
  22. Lopinavir and Ritonavir oral solution 20 mg + 80 mg/ml.
  23. Melphalan tablets 2mg/1ml and injectable solution 10mg/1ml.
  24. Metformin + Glibenclamide tablets 500mg/5mg.
  25. Metformin +Saxagliptin tablet 1000mg/2.5mg 1000mg/5mg.
  26. Metoprolol Succinate tablets 50 and 200mg.
  27. Nifedipine tablets 10mg.
  28. Ondansetron coated tablet 8mg.
  29. Oxycodone tablet 10mg - 20mg and 40mg injectable solution 10mg/ml.
  30. Pancreatin granules equivalent to: 5000 PH EUR units. Lipase 3600 units PH EUR. Amylase 200 units PH EUR. Protease.
  31. Pipotiazine 25 mg sl injection.
  32. Somatropin Injectable solution 6mg/1.03ml (5.83mg/ml) 10mg/1.5ml (6.7mg) 15mg /1.5ml (10mg).
  33. Vaccine Streptococcus Pneumoniae Type 12F / Pneumococcus Antigens.
  34. Purified Polysaccharides Injectable solution.
  35. Vigabatrin tablet 500mg.
Several medicines in the country are at risk of shortages, according to Invima - credit Infobae Colombia.
Several medicines in the country are at risk of shortages, according to Invima - credit Infobae Colombia.
  1. Cyproterone acetate tablet 50 mg.
  2. Polyacrylic acid sterile intraocular gel 200mg.
  3. Human Albumin Injectable Solution twenty%.
  4. Alprostadil Injectable solution 500mcg/ml.
  5. Amoxicillin/Clavulonate oral suspension 400mg/57ml - 600mg/42.9ml.
  6. Sodium Bicarbonate Injectable Solution 1meq/Ml/10 Ml.
  7. Bosentan tablet 125mg.
  8. Erythropoietin sterile powder to reconstitute into injectable suspension 2000 IU and 4000 IU
  9. Human normal immunoglobulin injection solution 5% (50mg/1ml).
  10. Insulin Degludec solution for injection cartridge 100U/ml.
  11. Ioversol injectable solution 300mg/ml - 320mg/ml and 350mg/ml.
  12. Lisdexamfetamine Dimesylate hard capsule 30 mg.
  13. Metoprolol Succinate tablet 25 and 100mg.
  14. Paracetamol (acetaminophen) oral solution 150mg/5ml 250mg/5ml 3.2g/100ml Drops 100mg/ml.
  15. Quetiapine tablet 25mg - 50mg - 100mg - 150mg - 200mg - 300mg and 400.
  16. Riluzole Tablet 50 mg.
  17. Sultamicillin 250mg/5ml (50mg/mL) powder to reconstruct oral solution.
  18. Technetium 99.

From Invima it was confirmed that for medicines that are out of stock or at risk of shortage, a action plan in which it will develop strategies such as "prioritization of the procedures associated with the health registry, one-time importation, the declaration of the medicine as "vital not available", as long as it complies with those established in the Decree 481 of 2004 and other therapeutic alternatives available on the market.”

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