The weapons of the narco of the past!

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Raul Flores Martinez.

A few days ago, some information media were surprised to see an image on social networks of a hitman from the Gulf Cartel carrying a rocket launcher on his shoulder, which is currently used in the war between Ukraine and Russia.

Both national and international media were alarmed and shocked by such a "discovery", even some reporters were surprised by such an image that has been held in this country for years.

Seeing that image I remembered that, in my journalistic archives based on information from the Sedena and the then PGR in 2011, I obtained information on the large-caliber weapons that the organized crime cells had used since then.

At that time, little was said about the weapons they used in their fight against cartels and against the Mexican armed forces, state-of-the-art technology weapons manufactured in the United States, Europe and even in South Africa, their destructive power sometimes generated panic among their rivals. .

"The constant seizures that the Navy, the army and the Federal Police have made to criminal organizations give a parameter of the warlike capacity of the drug cartels in Mexico."

In 2011, the Gulf Cartel had Herstan rifles, known as “cop killers”, 50-caliber Barrett rifles, 50-caliber rifles, grenade launchers, machine guns, short arms, rocket launchers, 40-millimeter caliber grenades, hand grenades, and grenades. of smoke.

The Pacífico/Sinaloa Cartel had in its arsenal assault rifles AK 47, M-16, Galil, M-79 rifles, mortar launchers, grenades, dynamite cartridges of 200 and 400 grams, AR15 rifles, five-seven pistols, known like the cop killer, l-60 machine guns, knives and 50 caliber pistols.

The Michoacán family handled AK-47 assault rifles, .22 caliber pistols, .30 caliber M1 rifles, .12 caliber shotguns, .410 caliber shotguns, 9mm caliber pistols, AR-15 rifles, 50 caliber Barrett rifles, and fragmentation grenades .

12 years have passed since that report was broadcast on the then Cadena Tres, channel 28, 12 years and nothing has changed since then, the organized crime cells continue to have a war power in their ranks in order to face their opponents or Forces Armed.

Nothing has changed, perhaps the new colleagues would like a read or a dive into the past so that they are not surprised by what is currently happening in the country, war weapons have been used in organized crime for decades.

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