The viral little dance of the Brazilian Lucas Paquetá after West Ham United's title in the Conference League (Video)

The Brazilian Lucas Paquetá removed the forbidden steps after West Ham's victory in the Conference League with a 2-1 victory over Fiorentina and immediately went viral, today after three days the video continues to receive interactions.

In this sense the brazilian was a key player on the pitch game achieving an almost impossible assist at minute 90 and pulling the strings of the team.

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The irreverence of Lucas Paquetá

Paquetá is the Brazilian signing of West Ham that is different from the history of the clubWith a reputation for being strong and tough, the Amazonian is cheerful and colorful and adds a touch of joy to the team.

This was demonstrated in the locker room dancing to the rhythm of “La Jogadinha do Paquetá”, a song inspired by his rhythm and joy to play soccer. In this way, he put all his teammates to dance, who returned to give the 43-year-old club a title in white.

Without a doubt, Paquetá has asserted the $43 million that the club paid for him. and despite the fact that the team struggled in the Premier League to maintain the category, they were able to lead the expedition to lift the Conference League trophy.

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