The video of the 25 seconds in which the motorcycle jets took to kill a police officer in Lomas de Zamora

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The image of the suspects in the crime of the commissioner in Banfield

A video taken by a security camera is one of the keys to the crime case of the Buenos Aires Police commissioner in Lomas de Zamora. There you can see how the criminals who murdered this Sunday night Gustavo Romero In the town of banfieldthey observed the victim while they were riding their motorcycles along Hipólito Yrigoyen Avenue, they returned on their way to approach her with the intention of stealing her vehicle and they killed him with four shots in a lasting attack. 25 seconds. They took his service weapon.

The movement of the murderer and his accomplices was recorded by a security camera in the area, where at first at least five suspects aboard three motorcycles that circulate on Hipólito Yrigoyen Avenue, after the intersection with Vieytes, where the commissioner was aboard his white Kawasaki. It is a busy area and one of the main arteries of the Southern Conurbano area.

The images show how a couple of “motochorros”, both with black helmets, turned around on the sidewalk, braked and one got off and went towards where he was. Romero, who was on his motorcycle waiting for his wife to get off work.

At that moment, and with the criminal on foot out of the scene, we see how three more criminals arrived, aboard two low-displacement motorcycles, and parked next to the accomplice who was driving the one who got off. Although the images do not capture the moment of the shot, one of the accomplices can be seen retracing his steps. According to police and judicial sources to the news agency TelamCommissioner Romero took out his service weapon andThere was an exchange of at least six shots with the criminals.

Gustavo Romero, the murdered commissioner
Gustavo Romero, the murdered commissioner

A few meters away there was a fourth motorcycle with two occupants, which is being investigated if it was also involved in the incident. The truth is that the scene, which lasts just 25 seconds, ends when the criminals They manage to escape, with the victim's service pistol.confirmed sources of the case to Infobae.

They also said that the only person detained for Romero's crime will be investigated this Tuesday by the prosecutor. Lorenzo Latorre from UFI No. 3 of Lomas de Zamora for the crime of homicide during robbery. 23 years old, Gustavo Alejandro Martins has a sentence for robbery from 2018 to three and a half years in prisonhighlighted the sources consulted by this medium.

The truth is that, after the attack, Romero was transferred to the Gandulfo Hospital in Lomas de Zamora, where he died as a result of the injuries suffered: he received two shots in the chest area, one in the head and one in the back.

At the scene of the crime, Romero's white Kawasaki motorcycle was found, destined for the La Plata Delegation of the Organized Crime Division. It is believed that the motochorro tried to steal his vehicle and, when he failed to do so, he shot him and fled with the weapon.

This is how the suspects escaped
This is how the suspects escaped

This Monday morning, a resident of the area - who identified herself as Monica- He told the press details of the event and stated that his daughter saw the commissioner dying before he was transferred to the Gandulfo hospital: “It was early, it wasn't even nine at night. It is a busy avenue with lots of light. "We didn't even hear the motorcycles escaping, we heard the gunshots, nothing more."

And continued:I heard two shots, which I thought were fireworks, and I could feel the commotion in the street. "My daughter saw the blood and how they put the boy into the ambulance, who was already unconscious."

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