The victory over Germany makes Italy the first semi-finalist

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Seville, Nov 9 (EFE).- The Italian team this Thursday became the first semi-finalist of the Billie Jean King Cup finals, which will be held until Sunday at the La Cartuja stadium in Seville, with Martina winning Trevisan and Jasmine Paolini their points in the singles against Germany.

With these results, Italy secures the lead in group D even before the doubles that will close the tie that will be played in the morning session, due to the 2-1 victory it achieved on Wednesday against France.

Against Eva Lys, Martina Trevisan did not at all repay her effort from the day before, when she played two three-set matches against France, and proposed a marathon of rallies from the back of the court that led to a first set of more than an hour resolved. in the tie break in favor of the transalpina (8-6).

In this first set, the two players broke serve and the German tennis player wasted a set ball in the tiebreaker with a backhand midcourt that crashed into the net.

The second set was a one-way street, as Trevisan settled with the serve to the point that it did not give up a 'break' option to Lys again and comfortably won five consecutive games from 1-1 to give the first point of the tie against Italy.

Rainer Schüttler, captain of Germany, surprised with the choice of his third player, Anna-Lena Friedsam, a veteran without titles on the main circuit that she has been attending for a decade and who now appears in the world ranking almost a hundred places below the first Italian player, Jasmine Paolini.

For Paolini, who did not see his service compromised in any of his turns in the first set, it was enough for him to take advantage, in the fourth game, of one of his six break points to win 6-3 a set in which Friedsam could only make him front when he could chain his powerful serve with a second flat blow.

The Italian accelerated by breaking the German's service to love at the beginning of the second set and confirming this advantage in the following game, in which she saved the only two break balls of the match, she finished off the German tennis player, who He delivered the set 6-2 with hardly any fight.

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