The Vaporub, the opposition, hemorrhoids and Noroña

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Francisco Garfias.

After noon, Gerardo Fernández Noroña, a PT deputy, manifested his indignation on the platform of the Permanent Commission because opposition voices were raised to call for the resignation of the anticovid czar, Hugo López Gattel.

"They come boldly to demand the resignation of one of the most competent, dedicated, patriotic, and capable officials, such as Hugo López Gattel," said the controversial legislator.

The death by Covid of more than 300 thousand Mexicans - official figure - was there to corroborate that competition, that dedication, that patriotism.

It seemed that Noroña was nowhere near asking for the Nobel Prize in Medicine for the Undersecretary of Prevention and Health Promotion, who once left the Legislative Palace in the middle of a committee meeting, because he could not bear criticism from the opposition.

In the session hall of San Lázaro the tsunami that is coming down on us with this virus that changed our lives. Yesterday another record number of infections was registered - the third in three days: 44,187 cases.

Back with Noroña in the Permanent. The PT deputy turned with very bad taste to the criticism and even ridicule that caused the recipe of the Health Minister, Jorge Alcocer, to drink tea and use Vick Vaporub to fight the virus in children.

"They mock the Vaporub. It seems that there is a shortage of that. They tell me that the opposition uses it for hemorrhoids. Here I brought you one and I will bring you your gloves if you are worried to be able to use it ”, said Noroña, at the same time she took out her bottle with the ointment and put it on the lectern.

To top it off, he pointed out that in this wave of infections "which is very strong and very mild" for most of the people, it is "as if it were a flu."


From the account of the PAN's CEN we received, via WhatsApp, a copy of the main article of the Diario de Juárez, in Chihuahua, which leaves the former governor of that party, Javier Corral, very badly off.

"The judge confesses pressures corralism to link to Maru ”, headlines the aforementioned newspaper, in its main note yesterday.

The repentant judge, Uriel Samuel Mendoza, confesses that, due to pressure from the then governor, he linked Maru Campos to the trial on April 1 of last year. There were just over two months to go before the governor's elections.

"It was the Executive Power (led by Javier Corral) that had an interest in the resolution (link to the process) of this case," the judge confessed.

The message included a text from Marko Cortés addressed to Governor Campos: “All our support. We know of your integrity, honesty, and strength in the face of the political violence you experienced, ”wrote the national head of the PAN.

His words leave no doubt that Javier Corral is out of Acción Nacional. There are versions that link it to the Citizen Movement. We will see if they materialize


There has been no shortage of people who want to sell the announcement on the sale of Banamex, by Citigroup, as good news. They say it is an opportunity for eventual Mexican buyers to consolidate themselves as leaders in banking in the country.

Among the potential buyers are Banorte and Grupo Salinas, but also Santander, Inbursa and ScotiaBank. Specialists estimate its value between 12 and 15 thousand 500 million dollars

We asked Alejandro Rodríguez, a former SHCP official and one of the best-informed men on matters of finances, for a comment on the matter. This is what he told us:

“It is a great surprise and it is not a good sign in principle, but I think it does not necessarily have to do with the situation in Mexico. In any case, it will be seen when the bidders and the position of the National Palace are known. Which group would I support?

He specified that Citigroup had already been getting rid of its retail banking units in both Asia and Europe, although Mexico's is the largest.

We take the opportunity to ask your point of view on the strength of the peso, despite the accelerated capital flight that has occurred in Mexico in the last two years (around 25 billion dollars) and announcements like the one just made by the Citigroup.

“The peso is being revalued due to the weakness shown by the dollar these days, which may begin to reverse when the United States Federal Reserve begins its monetary policy announcements for this year. A rise in interest rates is expected ”, he pointed out.


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