The Valverde missile shakes Naples and seals the victory of Real Madrid in another Bellingham exhibition

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Bellingham celebrates his goal against Naples in the Champions League (REUTERS).

He Real Madrid was a volcano and devastated Naples. Ancelotti's men have insisted on showing that they are stronger than the circumstances. With no centre-backs available on the bench, with a converted full-back and without a reference striker, the whites erupted (2-3) at Diego Maradona led by a Bellingham who is licensed to be a triple agent. He drops to the wing to defend what Vinicius lets pass, he becomes the brain to give way to his team and still has time to act as a false nine and see the goal. A goal from him, another from Vinicius, assisted by English, and Valverde's shot neutralized the goals from Ostigard and Zielinski.

Everything was known about Diego Armando Maradona. His passion for the ball, his mother's Milanese, his taste for barbecues and his animosity towards the English due to the Falklands War. Against England he scored the most famous goal in history and became the national hero. This Tuesday, in his stadium, before his Naples, an Englishman paid tribute to him. His first name is Jude and his last name is Bellingham. He did it with a drive of 40 meters covered in nine touches of power and quality that ended in a goal. No Naples player could stop him.

Ancelotti, aware of his potential, has done everything possible to find an accommodation for him. He has changed his drawing regardless of the fact that a legend like Luka Modric, once again a substitute, is injured. The Croatian does not quite fit the Italian coach in his redesigned drawing of which Bellingham is a cornerstone. He multiplied his efforts again to occupy the width of the center of the field. Rodrygo and Vinicius were the offensive pairing and Tchouameni formed the midfield accompanied by Kroos and Valverde.

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True to this season's custom, Real Madrid conceded a goal in the early stages. This time it was not the defense, but the goalkeeper who was too generous. Napoli had not generated too much danger beyond the unmarking of the space Osimhen, but events began at the first corner kick. Kepa swallowed the cross with the effect of Kvaraskhelia, Natan headed the crossbar and the rebound was sent into the net by the other centre-back. Ostigard, also headed. For Naples, pushed by Diego Maradona's boiler, the initial plan was working.

Those of Rudi GarcĂ­a erupted. They detected Kepa's aerial problem and began to send balls into the Madrid area until Bellingham raised his hand, recovered a ball in the center of the field and said enough. He headed towards the Neapolitan goal and gave way to Vinicius who maneuvered exquisitely before adjusting his body and sending a pass into the net. The tie woke up Madrid, again with the Englishman at the controls. This time, without requiring any partner. He left rivals behind in his wake, stood in the area, looked for the gap between the center backs and drilled Meret's goal.

The match, controlled by Ancelotti's men, once again took a turn via VAR, due to a handball from Nacho after the ball bounced off his foot. Unintentional years ago, controversial today. You know, modern football. Zielinski took advantage of the new FIFA regulations and returned the tie and madness to the stands. Naples woke up again, although without success. He brought Real Madrid into his field, but did not take advantage of the opportunities he had. While Valverde, if he did it in the other area. A trademark missile was taken to definitively unevent the collision and certify that the derby was a specific setback.

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