The use of podcasts in mobile learning

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Although mobile learning has been criticized for distracting learners, we know that adult learners are better suited to mobile learning than young people, given their self-motivation to undertake further learning. However, if as an educator you are still concerned about the disruptive aspect of mobile learning, podcasts could be the solution. Tech-savvy educators are beginning to see the benefits of podcasts; Podcasts are inexpensive, less distracting, and require minimal screen time.

Unlike mobile apps, podcasts don't require hardware sophisticated or costly start-up costs. Podcasts are small audio files that can be easily streamed or downloaded by almost any Internet-connected mobile device. Most adults across Europe own or have access to these devices. There are MP3 players, mobile phones and wearable technology options within the reach of any pocket. Podcasts drastically reduce the initial cost of mobile learning.

Podcasts also help prevent distraction issues and excess screen time. Because podcasts are just audio files, they can be played on less sophisticated devices without the distractions of social media and gaming. Students don't need to look at the screen while listening, reducing excess screen time.

Podcasts are an excellent solution to the main problems facing mobile learning and also have the following advantages:

  • Studies suggest that, after a period of two weeks, humans are more likely to retain information they hear than information they read. The combination of reading and listening provides a multifaceted approach that suits both visual and auditory learners.

  • Podcasts can also help disadvantaged students. Educators are familiar with the use of audiobooks to engage students with visual impairments, dyslexia, or students whose first language is not Spanish. Podcasts increase the volume of materials that educators can use to reach these students.

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