The universe of cachaça makes its way at São Paulo Fashion Week

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São Paulo, Nov 9 (EFE).- São Paulo Fashion Week embarked this Thursday on a journey through the history of cachaça, the typical Brazilian liquor made with sugar cane molasses, through the collection "Fantasy Alembic", by the couturier Antônio Castro.

In his first in-person participation at the Brazilian event, Castro, known for bringing the craftsmanship of Alagoas, his homeland, to high-end clothing, showed a 30-piece set inspired by cachaça as a popular symbol.

In the Iguatemi shopping center, its parade rescued the history of this rooted distillate through dresses and skirts in earthy tones, with prints that take us back to the bars, the stills and the entire universe that surrounds the important Brazilian cachaça industry.

"I wanted to talk about sugar cane as a symbol of the northeast, beyond what it represents as soil degradation. Cane is devastation, but it is also the cultural assimilation of a raw material incorporated into Brazilian culture," Castro said. , founder of the Foz brand.

In the sequence, The Paradise brand was presented at what is known as 'São Paulo Fashion Week' (SPFW) with a fashion show to raise awareness about Spinal Muscular Atrophy (SMA) and promote an "inclusive future" for those affected by this disease.

This Thursday was also the turn of designer Marina Bitu, who, through 'Fungus', proposed looking at "the little things, the details", mixing creations reminiscent of nature with a subtle, cosmopolitan, sophisticated and timeless air.

Through 24 outfits, Bitu brought manual embroidery, gradient colors and layered pieces, in addition to her traditional ruffles, for which the brand she runs with her partner, Cecília Baima, became famous.

The fifty-sixth edition of São Paulo Fashion Week began on Wednesday and will continue until Sunday with activities in different spaces in the capital of São Paulo.

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