The United States will have a record of female governors | Elections 2022

The vU.S. otters elected a record number of women governors in midterm legislative elections (mid term) held this Tuesday.

At least 11 women will occupy the highest state executive positions, one of the political positions with the lowest female representation in the United States, according to Bloomberg.

New York and Massachusettsunder Democratic control, and Arkansasin the hands of the Republicans, elected their first female governors in the history of their states.

Likewise, Alabama, Iowa, Maine, Michigan, New Mexico, and South Dakota They also elected governors, so that this Tuesday women have won (for now) nine seats in the House of Representatives.

While, Arizona and Oregon have leading candidates in the hard-fought fight they present for the governorship race.

Still, the total number could rise to 12 if the Democratic governor of Kansas, Laura Kellywho is leading in the polls, defeats his Republican challenger Derek Schmidt.

Currently, 9 women lead the states, equaling the maximum number first set in 2004.

Women’s representation at the highest levels of American politics is traditionally tiny: women make up just 28 percent of lawmakers in the House and 24 percent in the Senate.

Meanwhile, the number of governors is reduced to 18 percent. (EuropePress)