The unconditional love story of Raúl González and his mother

Raúl González starred in a moving interview with Doña Estrella, as part of the series of talks that the hosts of 'Despierta América' have had with their mothers for Mother's Day, in which they reviewed some very happy moments and other difficult ones.

In the talk there was laughter, crying and many memories that moved the host of the Univision morning show. The first thing the Colombian shared was when his mother took him to a television studio for the first time when he was a child and she told him "mommy, I never want to leave here again."

Raúl described Doña Estrella as “the definition of love that has legs” and blessed being held in her arms and receiving unconditional love from her. Besides, He revealed to her that he sees in her an angel who gives her peace and that he admires her for having overcome all the strong experiences she has had to live.

The presenter commented that his greatest fear is the day that Doña Estrella leaves, because of what it brings to his life. "I believe that the day that you are not here is the day that I am afraid of you"he mentioned.

Another of the moments they remembered was how once he gave her a scare during the dress rehearsal of a play, in which he had prepared a song for her, but in the midst of it all she had a crisis, because she found out that Raúl had been sleeping in a car for 28 days.

At the end of the interview they both gave each other a very tender hug in the 'Despierta América' studio and he gave her a bouquet of flowers. Besides, Mrs. Estrella greeted the other hosts of the program very effusively, showing that they are a great family.

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