The UN warns that the risk of death from infections in Gaza is "imminent"

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The United Nations Humanitarian Aid Coordination Office emphasizes that the Strip needs water and fuel "immediately" and warns that hospitals are "on the brink of collapse."

The United Nations Humanitarian Aid Coordination Office (UN) has warned that the risk of deaths from infections "is imminent if the immediate entry of water is not allowed" to this Palestinian enclave. In addition, he has also urged the entry of fuel to supply energy to hospitals, which are "on the brink of collapse".

According to data provided by the office, Israel has so far only allowed the supply less than 4% of the water consumed by the population of Gaza before the start of the war. The resumption of the water supply has been done specifically in the eastern area of ​​the town of de Jan Yunis, in the south of Gaza, where Palestinians continue to arrive after the evacuation of the entire northern part of the Strip. "Given the collapse of virtually all water and sanitation services in Gaza, the population is at risk of dying from infectious diseases," the agency says.

Furthermore, in the next few hours the fuel that hospitals are using will be completely exhausted so that the generators can produce a minimum amount of the electricity they need to continue functioning. "Gaza is under a total blackout for the sixth consecutive day. Hospitals are on the verge of collapse because the fuel reserves they use for generators have almost completely run out, putting the lives of thousands of patients at risk," he stressed.

Along these lines, the UN has confirmed that the total blockage of Gaza persists and that the Rafah border crossing – which connects the Gaza Strip with Egypt and which is the only one that Israel does not control – remains closed, preventing the entry of food, water and medicine that the United Nations has placed in Egypt and that They are ready to be transported and distributed as soon as they receive the green light.

Precisely, the Deputy Secretary General of the United Nations for Humanitarian Affairs, Martin Griffiths, will travel to the Middle East today to try to help in the negotiations on the delivery of humanitarian aid.

More of 2,800 Gazans have died in 10 days of hostilities, the highest number in the history of the enclave.

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