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In an uncertain world with various challenges, the only way to find innovative solutions is from the collective mind.

In this sense, culture plays a fundamental role, being able to serve as a platform for discussion and exchange of ideas, he considered. Igor Lozada Rivera-Melogeneral coordinator of Extension and Cultural Diffusion of the University of Guadalajara.

With this purpose, the UDG has organized the colloquium "A collective mind to create the cultural future in connection with the University Network"which will take place on October 26 and 27, at the University Center of Economic-Administrative Sciences, CUCEA.

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“This is a dialogue with specialists whose objective is to create a common route that brings together the best cultural experiences and practices that contribute to the comprehensive training of the university community,” he stressed.

As international guests they will participate Martín Inthamoussú, Uruguayan consultant and specialist in creative economies and community, who will address the topic of “Expansion of cultural offerings and services with a principle based on the democratization of culture”, and Trinidad Zaldivarhead of the Division of Cultural Affairs, Solidarity and Creativity in the External Relations office of the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB)with the theme “Training of publics and sources of financing.”

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In this way, and in accordance with the renewing spirit of the university headed by the rector Ricardo Villanueva LomelĂ­, the colloquium, A collective mind, proposes that graduates incorporate all the elements and experiences of culture as part of their training.

“The aim is to encourage university students to expand their interpretation of the world in a sensitive way, not only academically, but through their comprehensive training, which includes the experiences and skills that culture provides and allows them to join economic models where "Creativity is a destiny and not a parallel activity to other occupations." said the academic.

He called to revalue cultural industries for the development of countries, since They represent 3.1 percent of the world economy.

“New entertainment platforms, data to locate tastes and audiences, artificial intelligence, or nearshoring are paths that add to those already known and that generate economy and produce prosperity in the region”

At the colloquium "A collective mind to create the cultural future in connection with the University Network", organized by the University of Guadalajarain collaboration with the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB), All the cultural animators of the regional university centers of the UDG participate. Decentralizing is democratizing cultural production and access to it.

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