The type of Taurus you are, based on your date of birth

The type of Taurus you are can vary depending on your date of birth. According to astrology, if you were born between April 20 and May 20, you belong to this sign, and although you have its general characteristics, your personality is not the same as that of all Tauruses.

All zodiac signs have ruling and co-ruling planets. The former are the ones that imprint the main traits on the character, and the latter play a secondary role, but also influence the behavior of those of the same sign.

The ruling planet of Taurus is Venus, the planet of love, romance, pleasure and values, while its co-rulers are Mercury and Saturn., communications and discipline, respectively. However, it does not mean that all Tauruses are influenced by all these planets. What does it depend on?

The zodiac signs have 3 subdivisions known as decans. Each decan is governed by a different planet, affecting the energy they express outward, they explain in Bustle.

Each sign covers 30 degrees in the zodiac. The first 10 degrees belong to the first decan, the second 10 to the second, and the third 10 to the third decan. The sun travels one degree per day, which means that Tauruses born in April belong to the first decan ruled solely by Venus, while most of those born in May are from the second and third decans, which are ruled, in addition to Venus, by Mercury and Saturn.

This means that the type of Taurus you are depends on your month of birth.

April Taurus Characteristics

April Tauruses, being ruled solely by Venus, possess the purest (or stereotyped) characteristics of this sign. They are loyal, love the pleasures of life and are stubborn. However, they are usually more lenient than those of May.

If you belong to this group, you enjoy more gracefully the things that life gives you, such as delicious food, soft and fresh sheets, the smell of flowers and, of course, physical contact. For this reason, it's not uncommon for you to have more expensive and refined tastes. You know that you have to push yourself and work hard to get all those benefits.

May Taurus Characteristics

May Tauruses have Mercury and Saturn as their co-ruling planets, which means they are more work-oriented. If you are from this second group, you are more meticulous and you do things more slowly because you go at your own pace. Although you are also foolish and stubborn, you can be flexible in your posture and adapt better to changes than the April Taurus.

Now, if you are a Taurus of the third decan, that is, at the end of the Taurus cycle, you are even more disciplined and responsible than those of the first and second decan. You appreciate routines and schedules, perseverance is something that characterizes you.

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