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The triumph of ‘Pinocchio’ and Guillermo del Toro

From ‘Pinocchio’, the animated film by Mexican director Guillermo del Toro that won the Oscar for Best Animated Film, to the defeat of ‘Argentina, 1985’ in the Best International Film category. The Latinos had no luck with the statuettes, but they did shine on the new champagne carpet and as presenters of the ceremony.

The one that did sweep the Oscars 2023 was ‘Everything everywhere at the same time’, which won 7 statuettes, including Best Picture, followed by ‘All Quiet Front’ with 4 awards. Both were the favorites in the previous one, and they consolidated it with their respective victories. Available on Amazon Prime Video and Netflix respectively.

Latin America competed in 4 categories of the Oscars 2023 represented by Mexico, Cuba and Argentina. The 95th edition of the Academy Awards was full of surprises and emotional moments. A night in which only the Aztec country could win a statuette.

Two of the best filmmakers in Mexico competed for the Oscar in different categories. Alfonso CuarĂłn was nominated for Best Fiction Short Film for ‘Le Puille’. This recounts the ravages of World War II in the middle of a Christmas story and can be seen streaming through Disney +.

During his career, CuarĂłn has been nominated for seven Oscars, winning four, including Best Director for “Roma.” This time, he lost to ‘An Irish Goodbye’.

On the other hand, His countryman Guillermo del Toro did achieve glory with ‘Pinocchio’, a dark story, animated with the stop-motion technique and totally different from the classic tale we know.

Del Toro set it in World War II and was inspired by his experiences. A work of more than 10 years took all the awards of the awards season in which the filmmaker did not stop repeating that “animation is cinema”.

‘Argentina, 1985’ could not against Germany

Once again Argentina loses a final against Germany. ‘Argentina, 1985’, by Santiago Mitre, couldn’t beat ‘No News on the Front’, which won the Best International Film award. She was the second favorite to win the statuette, which even Lionel Messi himself recommended.

Ricardo DarĂ­n, a renowned actor from the country with the sun on the flag, stars in the film that follows the Trial of the Juntas, a historical event for that country. Just like in real life, the film shows how the leaders of the Argentine dictatorship were tried for the crimes they had committed after decades of abusing their power. It is available on Amazon Prime Video.

Ana de Armas and Cuba at the Oscars 2023

Not many know that Ana de Armas is Cuban. At the 2023 Oscars, she was nominated for Best Actress for her role in ‘Blonde’ (available on Netflix) where she played Marilyn Monroe. Since its premiere at the Venice Festival, it has been praised by critics but it was not enough to win the Oscar. The category went to Michelle Yeoh for ‘Everything Everywhere at the Same Time’.

Latinos in other categories

The ceremony had live performances by the nominees for Best Original Song. The theme of the legendary Diane Warren, ‘Applause’, from the movie ‘Tell It Like a Woman’. It was performed live by the singer and actress of Colombian origin Sofia Carson.

As presenters of categories, the Mexican Salma Hayek stood out, who presented the category of Best International Film together with the Spanish Antonio Banderas. Another actor from Mexico who starred in ‘Babylon’, nominated for 3 categories, is Diego Calva.

Finally, Pedro Pascal, the Chilean of the moment, announced one of the winners of the night. The actor is the star of ‘The Mandalorian’ and ‘The Last of Us’.