The ‘Tricolor’ is out of the ‘Top 10’ in the FIFA ranking | Tweet

Less than two months from the start of the Qatar World Cup 2022, FIFA updated this Thursday its world ranking and the Mexican team fell one position, now occupies 13th, and was overtaken by Croatia.

In March of this year the ‘Tricolor’ was ranked ninth in the FIFA ranking; nevertheless; after poor results in friendly matches, CONCACAF Nations League And in the qualifying for Qatar 2022 failed to stay within ‘Top 10’.

The selection led by Gerardo Martino still has the lead in the ranking of CONCACAF, USA is in second place and Costa Rica close the podium.

Within the top 10 of the classification there was only one change, Italy surpassed Spain and snatched sixth place, consequently the ‘Red’ took seventh place.

This will be the last update FIFA ranking before the Qatar World Cup, which will start on Sunday, November 20; the ‘Tricolor’ will play their first game against Poland on Tuesday, November 22 at 10:00 a.m. Central Mexico time.

1. Brazil: 1841.30 points.
2. Belgium: 1816.71.
3. Argentina: 1773.88.
4. France: 1759.78.
5. England: 1728.47.
6. Italy: 1726.14.
7. Spain: 1715.22.
8. Netherlands: 1694.91.
9. Portugal: 1676.56.
10. Denmark: 1666.57.