"The team was faithful to a game idea," said Jaime Lozano.

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Jaime Lozano gave a vote of confidence to Raúl Jiménez, the Fulham forward was chosen to take the field as a starter with the Mexican National Team against Ghana. When questioned about this, the national helmsman stated that it was a complicated decision given the good moment that Santiago Giménez and Henry Martin are going through.

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I brought 3 great forwards and I based my decision on the rival, on Raúl's time, what he did in the last games, there is a nice competition, the intention is to prepare, do our best and get a good result and we also want to grow "We don't want to play a good game and a regular one," he mentioned after Mexico's 2-0 victory against the 'black stars'.

A team that did not end up demanding Mexico, especially in its most questionable line, the defense. Despite this, Lozano highlighted the balance at the back.

I liked the defensive work, the pressure was better, we were very close, few options from the rival, that will always be good and from what we were in September to today with a very strong and powerful rival, for me it is what stands out the most , keep zero at the back and also be clearer up front because we were patient and knew that a lack of attention could cost us a goal against."

Beyond the result, I liked the team because it was faithful to the idea of ​​the game.”

The next test will be against Germany, which will represent the last test that the team will have prior to November's activity in the Concacaf Nations League, where the team is not only obliged to seek the last instance and the championship, but also one of the direct tickets to the Copa América 2024.

Given this, Lozano spoke about the possibility that men like Uriel Antuna and César Huerta could see action as starters.

We have to see how people recover, a duel with great intensity, muscular and cognitive fatigue, we will wait to see how they evolve, I like what they do Chinese and Uriel, we saw that there was space and we were able to finish it with a goal. We hope not to make many changes, but to make fresh people so that he can compete.”


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