The TAD considers Rubiales' conduct as a "serious infraction": the Government will not be able to suspend him

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Rubiales, during the extraordinary Assembly on August 25. RFEF

He Sports Administrative Court (TAD) has partially upheld the complaint presented by the Higher Sports Council (CSD) and has decided to open disciplinary proceedings against Luis Rubiales for two “serious infractions” Therefore, the Government will not be able to proceed to temporarily suspend him, as planned. This scenario, which was the one handled by the CSD, was subject to the TAD considering the offense as "very serious". The decision overthrows the Government's plans, since Víctor Francos, president of the CSD, was waiting for the resolution to convene his board of directors within 48 hours and provisionally sanction Rubiales. The leader, who was suspended last Saturday by FIFA from all football-related activities for the next 90 days, gains some air and faces a penalty of between one month and two years.

The TAD, which has communicated the decision after studying the complaint and all the additional information that it had requested from the CSD throughout this week, thus begins a procedure to sanction Rubiales for two infractions against decorum and has refused to consider an abuse of power in the kiss to Jenni Hermoso, as the CSD claimed. Now, the only possibility that the leader faces a suspension lies in the TAD itself, which he can do so in a precautionary manner. This is precisely what the Government will try, because, as Miquel Iceta himself, acting Minister of Culture and Sports, will confirm, the CSD is going to urge the court to provisionally suspend Rubiales.

Luis Rubiales surprised the General Assembly of the RFEF this Friday by announcing that he will not resign from his position as president and denounced that in his case "a social murder is being carried out"

The leader was removed from his case last Saturday, when FIFA announced that it was suspending him from all football-related activities at the national and international level for an initial period of 90 days. “The president of the FIFA Disciplinary Commission, Jorge Ivan Palacio (Colombia), in use of the powers granted by article 51 of the FIFA Disciplinary Code (CDF), has today agreed to the provisional suspension of Mr. Luis Rubiales of all activities related to football at a national and international level. This suspension, which will be effective from today, extends for an initial period of ninety days, and while the disciplinary procedure opened by this Disciplinary Commission against Mr. Luis Rubiales last Thursday, August 24, is being processed,” said the statement from the highest football body.

Since then, Rubiales has been left completely alone. The entire industry gave him football and as a result of FIFA's decision, even those closest to him turned their backs on him, from the men's coach, Luis de la Fuente, to the women's coach, Jorge Vilda. The leader had already abandoned any idea of ​​fighting for his position in the Federation and had decided to focus solely on his defense.

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