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Francisco Garfias.

Although the minister of the Supreme Court of Justice, Alberto Pérez Dayán, assures that he was "excessively well treated" in the ceremony to commemorate Army Day, it is still striking that he has been relegated to the back row.

He tells us that he originally had a place assigned to him in the first row, next to the Secretary of the Navy, José Rafael Ojeda, but when he arrived to the place of the event, in Zumpango, State of Mexico, the organizers warned him that there was an "adjustment" in the distribution of places.

Knowing that it was impolite, to say the least, the organizers let him know that if he wanted, he could withdraw. Pérez Dayán chose to stay.

“Beyond this lack of foresight, the treatment was courteous and careful. Adán, Claudia, Rosa Icela and Leticia Ramírez, very kind. The president and his wife careful, institutional. I felt like a constructive integration ”, he told us as a minister.

In any case, it is the second time that the representative of the Judiciary has been moved from place to place in an official ceremony to distance him from the President of the Republic, who does not hide his contempt for the Supreme Court.

On February 5, at the Teatro de la República de Querétaro, they moved Norma Piña, president of the SCJN, almost to the extreme left of the first row.

The one who was very close to the President of the Republic on the podium was Claudia Sheinbaum. A preview of how the polls are coming?

It is true that at the same distance from the president, but on the other side, was “plan B”, Adán Augusto López Hernández, whose presence in the place, as Secretary of the Interior, makes more sense.

AMLO, it goes without saying, is obsessed with an INE by way. The only real obstacle left to achieving a weak electoral referee is the SCJN.


Alejandro Romano, representative of Minister YasmĂ­n Esquivel Mossa, appeared yesterday for the second time before the University Ethics Committee for the alleged case of thesis plagiarism.

His presence puts to rest the speculation that the judge took refuge to stop the investigations against him, derived from a complaint presented in a journalistic column by the UNAM investigator, Guillermo Sheridan.

Romano presented a letter in which his client offers evidence that she is the original author of the thesis that gave rise to the accusations of plagiarism. The student YasmĂ­n Esquivel, she said, "she is being subjected to a notoriously arbitrary procedure."

The evidence consists of expert examinations, statements by the thesis director, Martha Rodríguez; of the alleged kidnapper, Edgar Ulises Gutiérrez; records relating to statements made by various persons…

Romano noted that "the main violation" in the procedure followed by the minister is that the authority determined, first, that YasmĂ­n Esquivel had copied her thesis and then called her to defend herself. "That implies the world upside down," he said.


The first government of the Latin American democratic left to condemn the decision of the Nicaraguan despot, Daniel Ortega, to strip 222 political prisoners and another 94 writers, intellectuals, priests and citizens of their nationality, was that of the Chilean Gabriel Boric.

"The dictator does not know that the homeland is in his heart and in his actions, and is not deprived by decree," he wrote in twitter.

He was followed by former M-19 guerrilla fighter and Colombian president, Gustavo Petro. On the same social network he sent a message to the tyrant of Nicaragua:

“Latin America must be a space without political prisoners and without social prisoners. Any violation of human rights must be condemned by the entire international community. My solidarity with the 94 Nicaraguans who were stripped of their nationality,” he said.

And when will LĂłpez Obrador give his position? Could it be that he identifies more with the Cuba-Nicaragua-Venezuela axis? They are questions, don't get upset.


The prestigious British weekly The Guardian, founded in 1821, In its last issue, it published a report on a hundred men and women from all over the world who have lived for more than a century and have distinguished careers.

Among them is a Mexican woman: ConcepciĂłn Calvillo, the widow of Dr. Salvador Nava. Born in San Luis PotosĂ­ 105 years ago, she is presented by the weekly as a nurse and activist. She is also a benchmark for the citizen struggle for democracy and peaceful civil resistance.

To lead a full life like hers, Doña Conchita recommends moderation and prudence.

“Moderation – precise – is to avoid excesses in every way from an early age, even in difficult times. Always try to keep your family together, even when there are differences; and never get stuck in the past or its difficulties.”


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