The Super Harvest Moon Illuminates the Skies of Iraq and London on the Night of September 29

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The night sky witnessed an astronomical spectacle this Friday, when the last supermoon of the year 2023, also known as the Harvest Moon, made its majestic appearance. This phenomenon occurs when the moon is closest to the Earth in its orbit during the first day of autumn.

According to NASA, this supermoon will appear up to 14% larger and 30% brighter than the weakest moon of the year, thanks to its position at perigee, the closest point to Earth.

Despite not being the largest supermoon of the year, a title that belongs to August's super blue moon, today's Harvest Moon presented a worthwhile sight, especially in the cities of Iraq and London, where citizens and Photographers came out to capture this natural event. The Super Harvest Moon took on deep yellow, orange or red hues, especially during its initial rise above the horizon, a spectacle that left many in awe.

This characteristic color, which is only seen when the moon rises or sets above the horizon, or during a lunar eclipse, is the result of the same conditions that make sunrises and sunsets red. Atmospheric conditions, such as clouds, smoke or dust, can alter the color and brightness of the moon, adding a touch of drama to the view.

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The name "Harvest Moon" comes from an agricultural tradition, marking the time when farmers in the northern hemisphere are ready to harvest their crops. This astronomical event provides not only an opportunity to appreciate the beauty of our natural satellite, but also to reflect on the ancient connection between the cycles of the Earth and the heavens.

Photographs captured in Iraq and London show how the urban skyline and historic monuments were outlined under the soft, golden light of the Super Harvest Moon. In London, a particularly captivating image shows a passenger plane crossing the silhouette of the supermoon as it approaches to land at Heathrow Airport, creating an unforgettable image of this natural phenomenon.

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As the year 2023 passes, the latest Supermoon marks the end of a series of spectacular astronomical events, leaving viewers eager for what the cosmos has in store for next year.

This article includes photographs showing what the Super Harvest Moon looked like in different parts of the world, as well as the fascinating interaction between the moon, planes in the air, and everyday life on the ground. For more information on future astronomical events, follow NASA updates and stay tuned to the night sky.

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