The streets will intervene with art

The streets will intervene with art
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OAXACA, Oax.– In order to improve street and pedestrian safety, revitalize and activate underused public space, and promote collaboration and civic engagement in the urban area, the international Asphalt ART initiative will fund with 25 thousand dollars to the city of Oaxaca.

The civil organization Instituto del Sur Urbano applied for the Oaxacan capital since it meets the requirements requested by the call, which is why it was considered among the 25 projects favored by the Asphalt Art initiative in Mexico, Canada and the US.

Thanks to this, the realization of a project and intervention with visual art in the streets, pedestrian spaces and public infrastructure of the capital will be promoted.

Through its website, the Bloomberg Philanthropies Asphalt Art Initiative indicated that it supports low-cost, short-term, and highly scalable projects, creating an immediate positive impact.

The selected projects incorporate art as a strategy to improve the perception of safety in the streets, “through interventions in pedestrian areas and intersections, to create a dynamic public space with the collaboration of local artists and citizens,” confirmed Claudina de Gyves, Secretary of State Mobility (Semovi).

Semovi and the Secretariat of Cultures and Arts of Oaxaca, the State Cultural Heritage Institute and the Public Works Registry will participate in the intervention.

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