The 'streamer' Ibai praised James Rodríguez for his participation in Piqué's Kings League: “How I liked him... He beats us easily”

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The streamer praised the Colombian player - credit @jamesrodriguez10 /@ibaillanos

It's official: the Kings League It will also take place in Latin America, and will feature the participation of prominent public figures, streamers, and even soccer players.

One of the biggest surprises has been the arrival of James Rodriguezcurrent Sao Paulo player, who will occupy the position of president of Atlético Parceros FC, along with content creator Pelicanger.

The announcement of the incorporation of James Rodríguez to the Kings League, the soccer tournament organized by the former soccer player Gerard Piqué, It caused a great impact on social networks, and numerous users highlighted the participation of the captain of the Colombian team in the championship. The known streamer Ibai Llanos followed the gala closely in his streaming and he did not spare his praise for the player when he was presented as president of Atlético Parceros FC.

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Ibai Llanos, who has openly expressed that he is a Real Madrid fan, has highlighted on multiple occasions his admiration for James Rodríguez, the footballer who was part of the white team for four seasons. For this reason, James' inclusion in the Kings League excited him and he did not hesitate to praise him.

“How I liked James Rodríguez, Mario (DjMariio), I loved it, What a left-handed dad!", assured Ibai Llanos when he learned of the arrival of the '10' of the Colombian team. Later, the Spanish streamer joked about the possibility of seeing him play for Los Parceros FC and without hesitation mentioned, “Holy shit, James playing is cool to me. He beats us easily, it goes without saying that not against Porcinos.”

James Rodríguez will be, along with streamer Pelicanger, president of one of the Kings League Americas teams - credit @Ibai

On the other hand, James Rodríguez during his presentation highlighted his participation in the Kings League and left open the possibility of being able to compete with his team in one of the games they may play in the future. “Happy for this opportunitywe know that the Kings League is being a good project, we hope that many people have fun too”

Currently James Rodríguez is a player for Sao Paulo, a team with which he has once again improved his sporting level and which has allowed him to be taken into account again by coach Néstor Lorenzo for the Colombian team's commitments in the Qualifiers. The midfielder explained the reasons why they decided to put him on his team Atlético Parceros FC.

“Everyone already knows that in Colombia they call a very close person Parceros, I think they identify a lot with our country, We are going to have many fans in Colombia, I think they are going to support us a lot,” said James Rodríguez.

One of the great successes of the Kings League is that it has precisely been able to count on the presence of several players and former soccer players who have once again dressed in shorts to compete, as was the case of Chicharito Hernández, Ronaldinho, Andrea Pirlo, Andriy Shevchenko, Iker Casillasamong many others.

Regarding this possibility, James Rodríguez pointed out that first it must be Sao Paulo that authorizes his participation in the championship. “Well... I don't know. Let see if I can. You have to ask permission, oh well".

Ibai, unintentionally ended up confirming the presence of James Rodríguez in the tournament without it having been announced - credit @noottfoouundd/TikTok

Another situation that did not go unnoticed on social networks was that precisely before the start of the Kings League Americas event, Ibai Llanos was broadcast and unintentionally ended up confirming the presence of James Rodríguez in the tournament without this having been announced.

Seconds before starting, Ibai was in a Discord group where several people were talking; However, what took the Spanish streamer by surprise is that a person who entered this group greeted James and then greeted him. His reaction was unique, because he had unintentionally given the spoiler for the arrival of the captain of the Colombian team to the Kings League.

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