The strange moment that Arda Güler experienced in her presentation with Real Madrid and Florentino Pérez

The young Arda Guler was presented this Friday at the Santiago Bernabéu as a Real Madrid player and He lived a strange moment when he was going to give his first words with the team.

During the presentation, Florentino Pérez first spoke about the Turkish soccer player and in a confusion, the 19-year-old he got up to the podium where Florentino was thinking he had to speak, but the president of Real Madrid hadn't finished yet.

Güler had to stand by Florentino Pérez for several minutes until he got his chance to speak for the first time as a Madrid player and In social networks, users did not miss the uncomfortable moment that the Turk lived on his first day in the White House.

In other moments, the mother of the Turkish soccer player was observed crying with the video of the player's presentation and Güler wipes away the tears of the proud mother of the new Real Madrid signing.

Arda Güler's words as a new Real Madrid player

Arda Güler is the fourth signing of Real Madrid for this season. / Photo: EFE

Photo: EFE

The Turkish Arda Güler, an international footballer from Fenerbahçe, said with a smile at his coming-out as a Real Madrid player in the Madrid sports complex, that he wants to “be a Real Madrid legend”.

“I want to thank my family and all the people who have made my arrival here possible. I want to be a legend of Real Madrid”, stated Güler, who will wear number 24 at the madrista club.

At just 18 years old, the midfielder already made history with Fenerbahçe, by winning the 2023 Turkish Cup and be chosen as the best player in the final. He also became the youngest player to score for the Turkish senior.

Güler took the floor after president Florentino Pérez and after signing a six-year contract with Real Madrid. He thanked the trust of all those who have made his signing for the white team possible: “Many thanks to the club for bringing me here, to the president of Real Madrid, Florentino Pérez, for his words and for welcoming me. Thank you all".

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