The silent crime of dispossession of real estate in Mexico!

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Raul Flores Martinez.

In Mexico there is a silent crime that is the dispossession of real estate, a crime that, from January 1, 2019 to May 30, 2023, 133,591 complaints have been filed for this crime, a figure that grows every day due to the impunity of this crime.

The State of Mexico and Mexico City top the list of entities, where this transgression is most committed, many of these spoils are found with false documents.

In some cases, criminal organizations have created cells with the purpose of entering and taking houses from their rightful owners in order to establish their safe houses, clandestine laboratories or sale, which in this case use false documents.

Remember that the crime of dispossession has a penalty of one to 8 years in prison, a penalty that may increase if other crimes are committed, such as procedural fraud, organized crime, threats, use of firearms, gang aggression, all with such as appropriating a property.

The costs of a trial for dispossession of property, has a cost that is equivalent to between 10 and 20 percent of the value of the property, to which are added the gifts that are given by the public prosecutor, secretary of agreements, judges, including the who make the copies, something called procedural support.

Have you ever heard this term of "procedural support", it is nothing more than a request for a gift that ranges from 200 to 500 pesos, to promote your case; in a few words to carry out a procedure that is free, a simple procedure, how to get a photocopy or walk a few steps to have it signed.

In Mexico City, there are several cases of dispossession of real estate, such as the case of Lázaro, who has tried to recover his house.

In 2016 with false documents, supported by alleged lawyers and an organization affiliated with a political party, they deprived him of his home, which, in 8 years, they have completely modified, they have even tried to sell it on several occasions.

In the case of Mrs. Alicia Luisa, to help with her personal expenses for being a senior citizen, she rented her apartment on March 28, 2018; not knowing that her tenants would deprive her of her property.

The pilgrimage of Mrs. Alicia Luisa through public ministries and courts for five years, is a penance that does not end. A penance where public ministries, judges and lawyers fill their bags with money, to no avail, which is affecting his health.

These cases are real, so real that no one pays attention to them and the authorities are still blind to the pain of the elderly, who see how little by little their patrimony is being lost.

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