The second largest stadium in Mexico: find out the details of the million-dollar investment for the new home of Tigres de la UANL

The stadium would be the home of Tigres by 2026.

Photo: Juan Angel Ovalle / Imago7

UANL Tigers He will not only show off his great signings that do the most expensive team in Liga MX. The feline group will have at home one of the largest stadiums of Mexican footballonly surpassed by the mythical Azteca Stadium. The details of the new University Stadium were revealed.

The governor of Nuevo León, Samuel García, was in charge of disseminating more details of this ambitious project. through social media and Wearing a club shirt, García revealed that this new property will have great technological innovations.

The project will cover about 210,000 square meters for a stadium that will have the capacity to receive 65,000 fans. This new sports venue will have more than 7,000 parking spacesnot to mention public areas such as squares, shops and green areas.

This new University Stadium would require an initial investment of $440 million dollars, approximately. It is expected that this project will be completed by the year 2026 and in this way the new house of Tigres will be inaugurated, a stadium that could also host NFL games.

The largest soccer stadiums in Mexico

Aztec stadiumMexico City (81,070 spectators).

university stadiumNuevo León (65,000 viewers by 2026).

University Olympic StadiumMexico City (58,445 viewers).

Jalisco StadiumGuadalajara (55,020 spectators).

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