The SAT appeared after criticizing AMLO

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Francisco Garfias.

The removal of Cuauhtémoc Cárdenas from the México Collective, made up of personalities with distinguished careers, was highly sensitive and qualified the expectations that this welcome effort has raised.

The birth of this Collective was attended by former governors, former secretaries of state, two former UNAM rectors; four former directors of the Polytechnic, two former directors of CIDE.

We saw communicators, scientists, Olympic medalists, doctors, nurses, PAN members, PRI members, PRD members, EMECistas, and PRI member Francisco Labastida Ochoa, who competed with Cuauhtémoc Cárdenas for the presidency of the Republic in 2000.

Engineer Cárdenas released a letter in which he announced that he would no longer participate in the Collective "based on political considerations," which he did not explain.

That gave rise to speculation. A recurring one is that the founder of the PRD did not want to let himself be used by Dante Delgado, national coordinator of Movimiento Ciudadano, to whom the paternity of the Collective is attributed.

Does the MC have anything to do with it? We asked Deputy Salomón Chertorivski, orange candidate for the head of government of Mexico City, member of the group that started the Collective.

“The only one who can explain what those political reasons are is the engineer. He attended practically all the meals and was a participant in everything that was discussed, ”Solomon replied.

Another less credible speculation is that Cuauhtémoc did not want to confront President López Obrador, who called him a "political adversary" in the morning and integrated him into the "moderate bloc of conservatives" in one of his mornings.

“That seems to me a shame for President López Obrador. Tirios and Trojans recognize that Cuauhtémoc Cárdenas is a fundamental figure to understand the transition to democracy in our country”, the orange deputy reversed.

He said more:

“Cárdenas is a man with an integrity and a verticality that not only must be respected, but recognized. He is a man of the history of this country. He must be in the coins ”.

"Accusing a character in history, of which he himself was a beneficiary, seems to me part of these ingratitudes that characterize him," he said.

After learning of the Engineer's letter, AMLO retracted what he had said.

By the way: Rosario Robles wrote a tweet yesterday in which he says that as a result of the article he wrote in Opinion 51 –in which he exhibits the disloyalty and of AMLO with Cuauhtémoc- they not only sent the botsbut to the SAT.

“Yesterday I received an order to pay (not my taxes that are up to date), but the fines that the Sedatu has for lawsuits that it lost. Do they also want to take away my house? Let them pay," wrote the former Secretary of State.


It is very unfortunate that when they most need to unite to face the apparatus of Morena and hindrances, a fratricidal war is registered between the national leader of the PRI; Alejandro Moreno, and the coordinator of the PRI senators, Miguel Ángel Osorio Chong.

It is bad news for the PRI and terrible for its allies in the PAN and the PRD, who support two candidates of PRI origin in the elections in the State of Mexico: Alejandra del Moral; and Coahuila, Manolo Jimenez.

A divided party weakens a coalition that today represents the best option for those who wish to achieve a change of course in the country.

The axiom comes to mind, which is now almost a commonplace, that there is strength in unity. But these gentlemen do not see beyond their personal interests.

The quote attributed to the German Chancellor Otto Von Bismark comes in handy: “The politician thinks about the next election; the statesman in the next generation.”

The anger escalates. Erubiel Alonso, leader of the territorial movement set up by Alito, requested the expulsion of Osorio during the session of the National Political Council, after the described disagreement.

"His actions seriously undermine the ideological, programmatic and organizational unity of the party," he said.

Osorio was quick to respond: “They don't intimidate me. If they want to open a process, go ahead, I'm ready to defend myself, let's see who is more PRI."

The way to prevent this fight from ending in a break is through dialogue. Osorio has already proposed a meeting between the two. Alito answered yes: next Thursday in the Presidents Hall of the CEN of the PRI.


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