“The Russian Army surrenders en masse”; there are 300 soldiers: Ukraine refers


Ukraine claimed to have killed more than a thousand Russian soldiers in the war that launched the kremlin last Sunday against the country and having captured more than 300 uniformed men who surrendered.

“The Russian Army is surrendering en masse. Even senior officers give up. Today the commander of a Russian military unit surrendered. The tank battalion commander also surrendered. We already have more than 300 regular combatants”, he stated in an appearance Oleksiy Arestovychadvisor to the Office of the Ukrainian President, Volodymyr Zelensky.

As for the casualties suffered in the Russian ranks, the numbers are not yet definitive, but there are “more than a thousand dead men and around 2,500 wounded,” he said.

In the part of the war, the presidential adviser pointed out that Russia made “an operational pause”, after the kremlin affirm that Putin ordered the day before to stop the bulk of the offensive pending a response to the proposal to start negotiations under its conditions to stop the invasion.

The kremlin accused Kyiv of refusing to sit down to talk, so Putin today ordered troops to advance on all fronts in an all-out offensive.

“The enemy went on operational pause, as we call it. But it was not taken by choice, but because of the heavy losses they suffered while trying to attack the positions of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, the National Guard and other military services,” the adviser said.

He explained that the arrival of enemy forces in the western zone of Kyiv continues, but Ukraine is “using artillery to inflict heavy losses on them.”

“We destroyed their momentum and currently they are not moving towards Kiev because it is too painful for them,” Arestóvych said.

He said that also Chernigov (north) “is standing”, as well as Sumy (northeast), and Kharkov (east).

In the area of ​​the Operation Joint Forcesthat is, the donbasthe Ukrainian Army “holds its positions”.

“Today another Russian plane trying to attack our positions near Mariupol (Sea of ​​Azov) was shot down. Unfortunately, the tactical group brigade is moving to Mariupol from Melitopol (south), which Russia claims to have under control.

“But our forces are aware of this problem and are currently ready to solve it,” he said.

In Perevalniy, Crimea, 53% of conscripts ran away and are now hiding in houses, he further stated.

He acknowledged “that there is a problem” in the direction of Energodar-Zaporizhzhya (south), where the advance unit of the enemy is moving there.

“We are aware of this and we are working on it,” he assured.

Ukraine today estimated at least 198 Ukrainian deaths from the war launched by Russia three days ago against the country, as reported by Ukraine’s Minister of Health, Viktor Liashkó.

“Unfortunately, according to operational data, we have 198 dead, including 3 children, and 1,115 injured, 33 of which are minors,” he said on his Facebook account.


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