The robbery of the Judiciary 2023/10/26

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With the extinction of 13 trusts, the blow to the Judicial Branch of the Federation was completed in Congress. The legislators, acting as mere guarantors of the Executive, carried out the orders without further discussion, despite knowing that six-year terms last six years, but that discredit remains as a stain on the face, a hallmark of those who betray the principles (when have), a sign of their contempt for the Constitution and republican life.

It is no small thing that a figure in our public life, like Olga Sánchez Cordero, directly and unequivocally condemns dispossession. The intervention of the Morena senator was forceful, pointing out that the fact that “two powers of the Union come together to intervene directly in the internal administration of a third Power is not a republican exercise.”

The former Supreme Court minister went further, saying that by extinguishing the trusts, the legislators would be “validating the provision of money that was not provided solely by the federal budget, but contains resources contributed by public servants.” Yes, because they include workers' savings funds and reserves for labor benefits, such as the Residential House Maintenance Trust for Magistrates and Judges, created for their protection, since their rulings frequently arouse hatred and the revenge of criminals.

Needless to say, the intervention of former Minister Sánchez Cordero could be the cause of her civil death, since in the Palace those who think with their own heads are not forgiven and, although formally Morena's legislators are not servants of the President, most of them tend to assume themselves as such, which shows the validity of the uses and customs inherited from absolutist and predatory PRIism.

Another senator from the guinda party who showed dignity was Alejandro Rojas Díaz Durán, who refused to validate the robbery, saying that he was there to defend the Constitution, justice and truth: “I am a member of Morena and Morena also has to respect the Constitution,” he said, forcefully.

Despite the importance of the dissident interventions of these Morenistas, the greatest cost of this dispossession has already begun to be borne by the workers of the Judiciary, who have taken to the streets in defense of their rights and their assets, although, of course, they have not It is expected that the government will show solidarity with their demands, since President López Obrador already dared to say that Monday's demonstration was "a march of the conservative bloc", thereby putting those workers in the bag where he accommodates whom he calls enemies.

Those affected are 50 thousand employees on the payrolls of the Judicial Branch, as well as their families. They, their relatives, neighbors and other people will understand that Mexicans are facing a breakdown of the constitutional order, a violation committed from power.

Of course, the current federal administration does not sympathize with the workers, as evidenced by the destruction of the Notimex union, the indifference to the problems raised by various groups of miners or the honeymoon that the government is experiencing with the leaders. charrosthose who have even been in the Palace as guests of honor.

The attack against the Judiciary will continue without respite, because it is about subduing the ministers, especially Mrs. Norma Piña, current president of the Supreme Court. We can expect even worse atrocities, but when the megalomania of the ruler reaches such extremes, new shovelfuls of dirt are thrown on top of the campaign promises and on top of the expectations it aroused in society. The costs of the mess will be very high for Morena and she will pay for them with votes and a discredit that grows among the best informed sectors, as we will see next year, despite Morena's triumphalism.


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