The right of families 2023/11/04

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A few days ago, the Faculty of Law of the nation's university hosted the academic work that was carried out in coordination with the sister University of Buenos Aires (UBA), to carry out the VI International Congress on Family Law.

At the opening ceremony, doctor Leandro Vergaradean of the UBA Faculty of Law, received the award from the Technical Council of the host Faculty, in recognition of his academic merits. Aequitas de Iure Multum Remittitwhich means: Equity softens the rigor of law.

The above, it was said, means that it is imperative to recognize the importance of equity in the application of the law, since this allows one to be guided by one's own moderation, rather than by mere compliance with the letter of the law, even when the decision taken is not contrary to the spirit of the law.

In this academic effort, the experience of 34 jurists from Argentina, Paraguay, Brazil and Mexico was brought together, who addressed three fundamental aspects: constitutional rights, conventional rights and unified principles for family procedural law.

The analysis of family matters is of the greatest importance, since the family represents the basic cell of society, the cornerstone on which our communities are built, therefore, the place where problems must be prevented from originating. most lacerating problems of the world's societies.

In the words of the emeritus professor of the Faculty of Law, Dr. Sergio García Ramírez: “The family is the area of ​​encounter, of love and solidarity, of the moral formation of children, of protection against external aggressions, of the reception and revaluation of hopes and dreams.”

In educational matters, the family has a main role, since it helps and guides youth, either through the satisfaction of their basic needs for an effective teaching and learning process or through the inspiration and confidence that the mother or parent must instill in the student to develop.

Like any branch of law, family law is dynamic and practiced daily. Just to gauge its importance, in our country there are just over 35 million homes, of which 87% form family homes, that is, they are based on a kinship relationship.

It was analyzed in comparative law issues that traditional marriage is no longer the only way in which the family institution functions. In Mexico, in 2012, for every 100 marriages there were 17 divorces, while in 2022, for every 100 marriages there were 33 divorces.

This international conference that strengthens the strategic alliance between two great universities, left numerous lessons and reflections; among them: the application of the principle of the best interests of the minor, the adequate administration of justice with a gender perspective, the determined combat against all types of violence, and the increase in the capacity of the State to ensure social security —especially for adults. older people and people with disabilities—are vital components of strengthening the family. And, consequently, our collective progress.

The academy fulfills its role in this era characterized by globalization and constant change. It is necessary to accept and strengthen any type of family so that it can access the full exercise of its rights and continue to be the crucible in which the values, ethics and identity of future generations are forged.

As Corollarythe phrase of Sophocles: “He who is good in the family is also a good citizen.”

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