‘The Rich Also Cry’: Lucero says she is ‘delighted’ to be able to sing a duet with Cristian Castro, ‘You Revived Me’

bright Star She has been out of Mexican melodramas for several years, but her return to soap operas is as the singer of the theme song for “Rich people cry too“. The actress performs “You Revived Me” together with Cristian castrosomething that has left her enchanted.

They invited me to sing the theme of the entrance of the novel that is a duet with Cristian Castro, who is the son of the original protagonist of this story and that makes a very nice circle“He said on his YouTube channel. “It’s like a beautiful magic that your son cane the theme of the remake of the novel“.

“I am delighted to sing with him, he has always seemed like a wonderful singer, it is a song that caught me from minute one,” she continued. “I thought it was so romantic, so beautiful and I said, ‘I want to sing that song’, because as a singer something very important is that you like the song, that you fall in love with it and that it sounds good”.

“Tú Me Reviviste” is not the only song that Lucero will sing for the TelevisaUnivision telenovela, but she will also perform one called “Los Ricos Tambien Lloran”.

“It is a topic that speaks specifically about why the rich also cry, that the rich also suffer, fall in love, lose their minds because of love, that things are not different,” explained the singer. “It reminds me a bit of when I sang the theme of ‘Los Parientes Pobres’ and it’s not easy to make a song with the title of a telenovela, sometimes it seems forced, but in this case it was a great song, with a lot of strength, a lot of energy, it’s as a lament from a person who is saying that love is love, it is also a song of equality, of this joy for falling in love with a different man”.

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