The relative of a Real Madrid legend who kept millions of dollars after his death was sentenced to more than 3 years in prison


The culprit will serve 3 years in prison.

Photo: Angel Martinez/Getty Images

The son-in-law of the 1950s Hungarian Real Madrid footballer Ferenc Puskas has been sentenced to 3 years and 7 months in prisonl by the Provincial Court of Alicante for subtracting almost 1,190,000 euros ($1,191,118.60 dollars) from the funds obtained from the sale of a book about the player that should have been addressed to the wife and daughter of the footballer.

The conviction is for a continued crime of fraud around the money that was left over from the sale of the rights to the book ‘The Legacy of Puskas’ to the Sociedad Limitada de la Editorial Nacional de PeriĆ³dicos y Libros, which were deposited in an account in the name of his wife and daughter of the player.

The sentence, to which Efe has agreed, considers it proven that the soccer player’s son-in-law agreed with the director of an office of the Caixa Rural Altea entity, also prosecuted, to formalize a new contract to modify the conditions of the bank account of Puskas’s heiress, so that he would appear as authorized.

The court details that with this contract, “which allowed dispositions in the account” after simulating “the non-existent condition of authorization”, it was possible for the bank to “facilitate” those funds in its favor, “despite lacking a valid authorization to carry out such transactions.

In addition, the sentence also believes it has been proven that the defendant used that false authorization to withdraw different amounts from the account. in which the funds inherited by his wife were deposited to deposit them in his own personal account.

In this way, he made a transaction worth $900,000 euros in September 2011 until leaving a final balance of 1,470.39 euros in the original account.

In total, the reimbursements made by the accused amounted to 1,189,411 euros, after having paid 191,483 for taxes derived from the sale of the rights to the book.

The court has agreed to the imposition of three years and seven months in prison for the player’s son-in-law, and the same penalty for the director of the bank branch, considering them perpetrators of a continuing crime of fraud.

In addition, it resolves that both must compensate “jointly and severally” the inheritance of the soccer player’s wife in the sum of 997,927 euros and, at the same time, declares subsidiary civil liability to the entity Caixa Rural de Altea, with direct civil liability for its insurance company.

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