The Redeemer


Francisco Garfias.

AMLO has already come out with his bravado. He will not go to the Summit of the Americas, to be held in Los Angeles next June, if the United States excludes Cuba, Nicaragua and Venezuela.

“I do not want the same policy to continue in America and I want, in fact, to assert independence, sovereignty and demonstrate for universal brotherhood…

“No one has the right to exclude anyone,” he said yesterday morning.

Most likely, President Biden will not admit pressure and will insist on not inviting these three countries that live under authoritarian, if not dictatorial, regimes to the Summit. In that case, Foreign Minister Marcelo Ebrard will go to Los Angeles on behalf of Mexico, the president announced.

We do not know if it was a premeditated posture or if it responded to a momentary impulse.

We reviewed the stenographic version of the morning. We found two different positions.

The first time he was asked if he would stop attending if the United States excluded countries like Cuba, he replied:

“No, we are still going to define what our position is going to be, but we are convincing, persuading, that we should all unite. In past summits everyone has been invited, there is no reason for it to be different now.”

Nothing to do with what he said afterwards.


The United States ambassador to our country, Ken Salazar, was quick to react. Just yesterday he was seen going in and out of the National Palace, without saying a single word, after the morning.

On the Twitter account of the Embassy, ​​however, he spoke with an unusual message condemning the murders of journalists Yessenia Mollinedo and Sheila Johana García in Veracruz.

“It was a cowardly and evil act. It was an attack against the entire Mexican society and the international community that values ​​democracy and rejects it.

“Press freedom is under attack and requires an urgent response to end the rise in violence against journalists,” the ambassador said.

Something that surely did not like in the National Palace. Just remember when the European Parliament condemned the murders of journalists in Mexico.

He accused the MEPs of being “lambs”, “reactionaries” and sent them a response in which he stated that “Mexico is no longer a colony”.

López Obrador’s position was described by Arturo Sarukhán, former Mexican ambassador in Washington, as “a bullet in the foot for a country whose number one diplomatic and commercial relationship is with the United States.”


Before López Obrador’s announcement, we spoke with the former foreign minister, Jorge Castañeda, about the president’s tour of Guatemala, El Salvador, Honduras, Belize and, above all, Cuba.

“What has to be taken into account in all this stuff about the Cuban doctors, the vaccines, the decoration, the blockade, asking Biden to invite him to the Summit of the Americas, all of that, deep down, is to compensate.

“Three years ago he had to say no to Díaz-Cannel when he asked him for oil and money since the first time he came in 2019. He cannot give it to him. He gets into trouble with the United States.

This is not the case in El Salvador, where AMLO announced an increase of 30 million dollars (around 600 million pesos) for social programs; nor from Guatemala, Honduras, or Belize.

“There the gringos don’t do fart. In addition, no one knows that (AMLO) has put that money before, or that he is going to put it now. It’s just an ad.

“The big problem right now is that Biden wants to send López Obrador all the Cubans (who arrive in his territory) and the Mexican president does not know what to do with them.

“The Cubans who go to Nicaragua and from Nicaragua to Mexico and from Mexico to the United States, leave the island with the approval of the Cuban government. They are rafters and marielitos. They are like 60 thousand in two months.


From Coahuila we get news that the PRI opened the election of its candidate for governor in 2023 to militants, sympathizers and society. This was announced by its state president, Rodrigo Fuentes Ávila.

In recent days we highlighted in this space the annoyance of the PRI federal deputy, Jericó Abramo Masso, for the “charge” in favor of the “official candidate, the former mayor of Saltillo, Manolo Jiménez.

Abramo Masso welcomed the announcement of the state leadership, but clarified that it remains to be known what method will be used in that election and when. “I’m ready to sit down and talk about the direction the party should take, that not impositions triumph but democracy,” he said.


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